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Uhm, Double Black Widow, Serial Torturer – Korea, 2005

FULL TEXT: A 29-year-old woman was sentenced to life imprisonment for injuring her husband, ex-husband and family members to receive insurance money, and fatally burning others.

The Seoul Central District Court yesterday handed down a life imprisonment sentence to a woman, identified as Uhm, who was arrested on 10 counts of charges including murder and arson.

A panel of judges said in a ruling statement that Uhm had shown no sign of regret for her cruel acts against her two husbands, family members and others.

Uhm stabbed her former husband, identified as Lee, in the eyes after feeding him sleeping pills in a quarrel over his low wages in May, 2001.

She also abused her ex-husband by pouring hot oil on Lee’s face and received insurance money for his injuries by disguising it as an accident.

She pocketed a total of 280 million won before her ex-husband died of complications.

However, she continued to commit further miserable crimes against her current husband, identified as Lim, who she met in a nightclub right after her former husband’s death.

Lim also went blind after being stabbed with a sharp instrument and burned by Uhm, who pocketed about 38 million won in insurance money.

She also blinded her mother, identified as Kim, 52, and brother, 29, in July and November 2003, respectively, five months after her second husband died of burns.

Uhm also set fire to her sister’s house, for fear that her wrongdoing in pocketing money from the sale of her family’s apartment in January this year might be revealed.

[GIKorea, Anyone Want to Date this Woman?” ROK Drop, October 30, 2005]


May 2001 – Lee, husband #1, stabbed in the eyes after feeding him sleeping pills; poured hot oil on his face; KRW 280,000,000 (about $230,000 US) insurance. Dies of “complications.”
2003 – Lim, husband # 2, dies of burns.
Jul.2003 – blinds mother, Kim (52).
Nov. 2003 – blinds her brother (29).
2005 – sets fire to sister’s home.
Oct. 29, 2005 – Seoul Central District Court sentences Uhm to life imprisonment.

For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.

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