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Marli Teles de Souza, Black Widow Serial Killer – Brazil, 2014

FULL TEXT: The case that became known as “Viúva Negra” in Caçador gained repercussions in the TV program Fantástico, on Rede Globo. The report, shown on the night of Sunday, 30, revealed the names of the other three possible victims of Marli Teles de Souza, 46, who was arrested last Tuesday, the 25th.

According to the regional delegate Fabiano Locatelli, on the day of the arrest, police found at Marli's house a folder with documents on the four men that she had maintained some kind of relationship with in the past 14 years, all of whom have died.

In addition to the murder of Rui Nadarci Dias de Oliveira, 60, with whom Marli had a son in 1993, she is suspected of causing the the deaths of ex-husbands Nilson de Souza, 36, and Vânio Nórdio, 38, and her boyfriend Jocenir de Carvalho, 32 years old.

According to the report, the ex-companions all died in similar circumstances, with heart attacks and epilepsy, which leads the police to believe that Marli put prescription drugs in the victims' drinks.

The proceeds of the "black widow" schemes were two houses, two life insurance policy pay-offs and a monthly pension payment.

Nilson de Souza, 36, military policeman and husband of Marli, who died in 2000. (Marli started receiving a monthly pension).

Vânio Nórdio, 38, a machine operator and Marli's husband, who died in 2011. (Marli took out insurance that was not confirmed by the police).

Jocenir de Carvalho, 32 years old, farmer and boyfriend of Marli, who died in 2012. (Marli took out an insurance of BR195,000 ).

Rui Nadarci Dias de Oliveira, 60, had a son with Marli in 1993. He died in 2014. (Marli intended to collect BR 1,260,000 insurance, but was discovered and arrested before collecting it).

In the Fantástico's report to Jocenir's brother, Marinêz de Carvalho, he confirms that his brother signed a life insurance policy in the amount of BR 195,000 and that Marli collected the payout. According to police chief Fabiano Locatelli, the police had investigated Jocenir's death in 2013 after Marli removed the insurance. “We did the exhumation of the body to try to prove that it was not a natural death, however it had been a year since the death and it was not possible to detect the presence of substances. Thus, the case was closed for lack of evidence,” the police chief recalled.

A fifth victim, another boyfriend of Marli, whose name has not been revealed, also gave an interview saying that the relationship ended when the woman proposed life insurance. "She told me to take out the insurance that she paid the monthly fee. I didn't accept it and left the relationship," he revealed.

Still according to Police Chief Locatelli, the suspected cases should have their investigations reopened by the police.

“In Rui's case, we can say with certainty that Marli planned everything. The investigation has a robust body of evidence. In other cases, she is suspect, as everyone died in similar circumstances, having a heart attack and epilepsy,” he concluded.

Marli and her son Ulisses are in the Regional Prison of Caçador and will answer for four crimes, including aggravated homicide.

[“Black Widow Case: Fantastic reveals name of three other possible victims,” (Caso Viúva Negra: Fantástico revela nome de outras três possíveis vítimas), Marcos Imprensa (Brazil), Dec. 1, 2014]


1993 – Son born. Ulisses Antônio Souza de Oliveira.
2000 – Nilson de Souza (36), husband #1, dies; military policeman; Marli started receiving monthly pension.
2011 – Vânio Nórdio (38), husband #2, dies; Marli took out insurance that was not confirmed by the police.
2012 – Jocenir de Carvalho (32), boyfriend. dies; Marli took out an insurance of BR$195,000 (US$38,000).
2013 – police investigate Marli concerning death of Jocenir de Carvalho; inconclusive.
Jun. 24, 2014 – Rui Nadarci Dias de Oliveira (60), dies at Marli’s apartment; BR 1,260,000 (US$246,700) in insurance.
Jun. 25, 2014 – Rui Nadarci Dias de Oliveira, body found in his pick-up truck. Levomepromazine and chlorphenamine found in body.
Aug. 2014 – anonymous tip; police investigation begins.
Nov. 25, 2014 – Marli Aparecida Teles de Souza (46), and son, Ulisses Antônio Souza de Oliveira (21), arrested. Caçador, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Feb. 17, 2017 – for the murder of Rui Nadarci Dias de Oliveira (and crimes associated with huis murder) Marli Teles de Souza (48), convicted and sentenced to 18 years, 9 months and 12 days in prison. Son convicted, sentenced to 17 years, 11 months and 22 days. Investigation of 2 other deaths continues.
Apr. 26, 2019 – convictions of both mother and son affirmed by appellate court.

Full name: Marli Aparecida Teles de Souza.







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