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Brisa del Mar, Cartel Hitwoman - Mexico, 2020

The cartel to which Brisa del Mar (“La Brisa”), belonged, CJNG (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación), operated in the municipalities of Actopan, Alto Lucero, Emiliano Zapata, La Antigua, and Puente Nacional. She had been released on Sep. 6, 2020, by a state trial judge despite the fact that firearms, chargers, cartridges, and ballistic vests belonging to the Ministerial Police and the National Guard had been seized from the place of her arrest.

On Sep. 14, 2020, during a “preventive tour” carried out by Federales on the night of September 14 in the town of Palma Sola, in Veracruz, the agents were ambushed from a house on Pedro de Alvarado Street: they responded to fire and killed two subjects. Once the building had been secured, a second shooting occurred, in which La Brisa and a man were killed. 


The case of La Brisa appears within the investigation folder 118/2020 / FGE in the Special Prosecutor’s Office in the Search for Uncharted Persons: her photograph was found on one of the cell phones of the five young people who were “picked up” by a command on July 2.

That day, Cedrick Abdiel Ramírez Aguilar, 19 years old ; Iván Aurelio Aguilar Villa, 26 years old; Marco Javier Reyes, 30 years old; Mario Figueroa Domínguez and Iván de Jesús Sosa Lagunes, both 32 years old, were at the Michelucas bar, located 39 kilometers from the center of Xalapa.

The five young men were murdered last July in the town of Palo Gacho, in Emiliano Zapata. As they left the bar, armed men subdued them and took them away against their will.

The WhatsApp profile photo of one of the victims, Cedrik Abdiel Ramírez Aguilar, was updated to an image where you can see half of the face and chest of a woman. He had features of his physiognomy, moles, and a chain similar to those of the official image of La Brisa when the SSP announced his arrest.

In addition, a close friend of Ramírez Aguilar received, through his WhatsApp profile, the message: “Don’t look for those anymore, those already …”, followed by emojis of skulls.

Brisas del Mar “N” was also being investigated for the murder of a man in the town of El Faisán, which occurred on September 5.

[“Who was “La Brisa”, the CJNG hitwoman executed in Veracruz,” The Mazatlan Post, Sep. 19, 2020]

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