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Li Huijie & Tian Xueqin: Chinese Champion Black Widow Serial Killer & Her Murder-Coach Mom - 2001

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Hong Kong – Chinese police have arrested a young woman on suspicion of murder after she was widowed for the fourth time in two years.

Li Huijie, from the central province of Henan, is accused of killing all her husbands on the orders of her mother, Tian Xueqin, for the "bride price" paid by rural grooms. Li and her mother were held when police were told that her last husband, Huang Zhiqiang, 25, died three days after his wedding from rat poison.

[David Rennie,Widow ‘killed all four husbands,’” The Telegraph (London, England), Feb. 9, 2001]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Beijing. – Two Chinese women - a mother and a daughter - was arrested on a wedding-scam designed to grab up expensive wedding gifts, leading to the discovery of the suspicious deaths of four grooms.

Huijie Li and her mother, Tian Xuejin, were  arrested in Henan province, after four young men in the period of two years had been killed by with rat poison.

Suspicion took root after Li's last husband, Huang Zhigiang (25), died three days after their wedding on 21 January. An autopsy determined that he was killed by rat poison.

After police found a large quantity of rat poison in Tian's house got, Li admitted that she and her mother Huang killed the man she married.

Then it came to light that her last three husbands all too soon after their marriage died of poisoning.

Li's first marriage was in January 1999 with Huang Guofu.

After that she and Ma Fu Gualiang Xinhai married.

Each of these grooms brought large wedding gifts into Li’s possession.

[“Two arrested rat poison to four bridegrooms,” AFP, Feb. 9, 2001]


Li Huijie (李慧杰 - Lǐhuìjié)

Tian Xueqin (田学琴 - Tiánxuéqín)



1977 - Li Huijie born, Wagang Village, Wagang Township, Tangyin County.

Jun. 1998 - Li Huijie introduced to Huang Guofu (23) from Nanliyu Village, Wagang Township.

Jan. 28, 1999 - Huang Guofu, (victim #1), married Li Huijie into the family. - 黄国富

Jan 30, 1999 - third day after the marriage, poisoned.

May 1999 -  Li Huijie meets Fu Guoliang, (victim #2), Daxing Village, Fudao Township.  付国梁

Dec. 19, 1999 - marriage to Fu Guoliang.

Jan. 25, 2000 - Fu Guoliang poisoned.

Apr. 2000 - Ma Xinhai (victim #3), from Baoliansi Village promises to marry. 马新海

Jan. 21, 2001 - Huang Zhiqiang, (victim #4); married for 4 days, suddenly fell ill, 7:00. 黄志

Jul. 20, 2001 - the Intermediate People's Court of Anyang City sentenced: Li Huijie and Tian Xueqin, in order to satisfy their greed, colluded with each other and obtained money by defrauding betrothal gifts through marriage, so they were sentenced to death for intentional homicide, deprived of political rights for life, and Compensation for the economic losses of 4 plaintiffs (family members of the deceased) in the incidental civil lawsuit totaling 65,000 yuan.




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