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Ogresses: Female Serial Killers of the Children of Others

This selection does not (apart from a few exceptions) include baby farmers, nurses, baby-sitters, nursemaids, foster parents, midwives.


1867 – Madame Julien – Le Puy, France – A child care provider (“baby farmer”) who tortured many children to death.

1868 – Anne Gaillard Delpech, “The Ogress of Montauban,” “La Delpech” – Montauban, France – A child care provider (“baby farmer”) who tortured at least 9 babies to death. The extremity of the abuse of a 2-year-old found in her custory was shocking beyond belief.

1871 – “Dahr-al-Ahmur Serial Killer” – Dahr-al-Ahmur, Lebanon – kidnapped, poisoned and cut up 8 children to get even with a “rival in love.”

1892 – “Chihuahua Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Chihuahua, Mexico – kidnapped children and ate them. The locals’ punishment of her was a weird one.

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico – sexually tortured and murdered 3 orphan girls.

1895 – Gaetana Stimoli ("Stomoli") – Aderno, Catania, Sicily – murdered 23 children.

1896 – Rulo – Paraleda, Spain – A series of child murders in which 8 children were drowned in a well on the property of the murderess.

1903 – “Cairo Cannibal Female Serial Killer” – Cairo, Egypt – kidnapped, murdered, cooked and ate numerous children.

1904 – Jeanne Bonnaud – Chatain, Haute Vienne, France – age 18 at time of apprehension; murdered 5 children using a wide range of methods.

1905 – “Dubovo Vivisection Ogresses” – Dubovo, Ukraine (Russian Empire) – Two women kidnapped and murdered seven children for the purpose of dissecting them for scientific research.

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France – child strangler, acquitted twice by chivalrous men, only to see her kill again and again.

1910 – Esteis Liberis – Barahona, Haiti – voodoo practitioner who ritually sacrificed and ate children.

1912 – Enriqueta Marti – Barcelona, Spain – grabbed street children, hired them out to pedophiles and murdered them, cooking their corpses to make “love potions.”

1912 – Maria Reyes Mexico City, Mexico – kidnapped and murdered babies and toddlers.

1925 – Dinorah Galou – Paris, France – suspecting of being a serial killer of children, she was most certainly a child trafficker, involved in renting out babies who were victims of a bizarre torture technique used by street-beggars.

1930 – “Shanghai Female Jack the Ripper” – Shanghai, China – stabbed in the neck and strangled two children.

1938 – Moulay Hassen – Fez, Morocco – kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned, trafficked and murdered children.

1941 – Felicitas Sanchez Aguillon – Mexico – baby farmer who tortured and mutilated babies she was paid to care for and place up for adoption.

1987 Chen Kao Lien-yen Fan Liao, Taiwan; serially murdered 7 children with cyanide pills.

1995 – Filita Mashilipa – Zambia – prosecuted as a witch who killed and ate 6 of her own children in order to gain magical powers.

1996 – Anjanabai Gavit & daughters: Renuka Kiran Shinde,  Seema Mohan GavitPune, Kolhapur & Nashik, Maharashtra, India – kidnapped children (aged 1-5 years) and forced them to beg; murdered them by starvation, or by mashing their heads against walls or electricity poles. Kiran S Ahinde, Renuka’s husband, was the fourth member of this serial killer family gang.

2000 – Priscila Souza Ferreira – Brazil – “Brazilian police arrested two self-proclaimed voodoo priests for the murder of a 6-year-old boy who bled to death in a black-magic ceremony. In statements to police, Joaquim Alves, 71, and his girlfriend Priscila Souza Ferreira, 22, blamed each other for the murder. Police said the pair was suspected in other child killings. The boy was found dead at the bottom of a well with his clothes removed, his hands and feet bound and two puncture wounds in his stomach, authorities said.”

2008 – Babita – Tigra Village, Gurgaon, India – murdered four children, 3 nephews and a niece.

2009 – “Sunday” – Southern Sudan – cannibal child snatcher.



Here is a collection of images of mythical ogresses, folkloric female entities who kidnap, murder and eat children.


Bali Rangda
Germany Hansel & Gretl and the Witch
Greece Lamia
Iceland – Grýla
Japan – Onibaba
Jewish – Lilith
Kwakwaka’wakw Pacific Northwest Dzunuḵ̓wa
Mexico – La Llorona
Slavic culture (Russia) – Baba Yaga











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