Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Alimony Racket – Checklist of Posts

The illustration above is taken from a 1931 newspaper article about the Alimony Racket. Are you surprised that such a sentiment would have been publicly stated back in the days when, as you have been told, the "patriarchy" was busy beating, raping and enslaving every woman in sight? We have all been conned -- big time. "Herstory" is a hoax.

If you ever took a class in school or college that offered a “herstory” of the relations between the sexes (called by Marxists “the genders”) which did not give you the sort of information that is included in the following original-source articles on the copiously documented history of the larcenous Alimony Racket* then you ought to conclude that your teacher is a con-artist, who stole your (or your family's) money and fed you lies, distortions, and half-truths. You deserve to get your money back (whether tuition or taxes).

The orthodox (politically correct) narrative is a fraud, a hoax, a sham and its promulgators are violators of human rights.

(*Alimony Racket, the term, refers not to justifiable alimony, but rather to the long-practiced rackets perpetrated by predatory women against men they deliberately schemed to make into their indentured servants through scams and frauds.)

There is an awful lot of reading material here. How to deal with such a pile of information? My humble recommendation is that if you want to join the Great Awakening and make a contribution to the growing and epic fight for liberty against tyranny, then you should shut-off the God-damned TV, skip the God-damned video games and get to work educating yourself. Quantity and details matter, especially when you are in confrontation with indoctrinated zombies.

Honest history is a weapon. Learn it well and use it well. Freedom is not a spectator sport.





The Alimony Racket and “Petticoat Justice”: The Martyrdom of Umberto Politano - 1930-1933

Umberto Politano – Champion Martyr of the Alimony Racket -Brooklyn, 1933

Alimony Slavery in 1954 (by a female author)



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