Monday, November 30, 2015

Adeline Hamilton, 14-Year-Old Murderess – Delaware, 1883

FULL TEXT: Adeline Hamilton, a colored girl aged fourteen years, was arrested and locked up at Wilmington, Del., yesterday morning, on the charge of deliberately burning the feet of Solomon Adams, a colored baby about a year old. The injuries inflicted by the colored girl resulted in the child’s death. The burning took place about two weeks ago, during the absence of the child’s mother, when the girl was left in charge of the infant. The baby becoming cross and fretful, the girl held its bare feet against a red hot stove, burning the flesh to a cinder clear to the bone. Mortification set in, and the child died Saturday. A warrant was obtained for the fiendish girl’s arrest and she was taken into custody this morning, and will be given a hearing this evening. It is thought that the girl is slightly demented.

[“A Nurse Girl’s Barbarity. – She Holds an Infant’s Bare Feet Against a Red Hot Stove.” Harrisburg Independent (Pa.), Feb. 12, 1883, p. 1]


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