Sunday, November 29, 2015

Valentine Dilly, 8-Year-Old Murderess – 1900, France

FULL TEXT: Lille, France, Dec. 3. – A great sensation has been caused at Armentieres, a town nine miles north of here, by an awful crime committed by one child eight years old upon another of two years. Valentine Dilly, daughter of a poverty-stricken peasant, saw a baby girl in the street with a piece of cake in hand. She tried to take it away.  The baby resisted, so the Dilly girl dragged the little tot into the house, put her in a trunk and then stabbed her a dozen times with a shoemaker’s knife, making fearful wounds in her stomach.

[“A Fiendish Child.” The Portsmouth Herald (N. H.), Dec. 4, 1900, p. 1]


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