Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Antoinette Seidensticker, 14-Year-Old Murderess – Minnesota, 1905

FULL TEXT: Wheaton, Minn., June 21. – A tiny girl, wearing dresses that barely touch her shoetops, in appearance a bashful child, Antoinette Seidensticker, the 14-year-old daughter of Fred Seidensticker, a farmer, yesterday afternoon unflinchingly heard the news that she had been indicted for murder in the first degree for slaying her 19-year-old lover, Herman Shipp, on May 25.

Not a word did she utter, not a change occurred in her expression, when she realized that she had been branded a murderess. She calmly returned to her cell to await her trial, which may begin at the next term of court, June 27.

The crime for which she stands indicted was One of the most shocking in the history of the county. Driving to this city, borrowing a revolver, going to he farm where her lover worked, getting him into her buggy and then shooting him thru the heart, the girl endeavored to end her own life, but failed.

For nerve the murder and attempted suicide stand unparalleled in the county and the tender age of the child criminal makes it more remarkable. Only girlish jealousy, aroused because the youth had accompanied another girl to a dance, can explain the act.

[“Wee Girl Will Be Tried For Murder - Antoinette Seidensticker Is Indicted at Wheaton for the Shooting of Young Shipp.” The Evening Statesman (Walla Walla, Wa.), Jun. 27, 1905, p. 5]


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