Monday, November 30, 2015

Anna Peters, 9-Year-Old Murderess - Virginia, 1902

FULL TEXT: Staunton, Va., Oct 24. – Anna Peters, a negro girl about nine years old was before Magistrate N. L. Wehn this morning charged with killing her infant sister on Monday last and was sent to the house or correction, she being too young to be held for the grand jury.

It seems that the baby who was not more than a year old was crying. Anna did not like the noise and she threw the child down the steps two or three times times and not being satisfied with this she took a bed slat and struck the little tot over the head killing it almost instantly.

The baby was buried the same night near the home or Susan Dudley a sister of the girl's mother where they had all been staying. Yesterday the jailer Magistrate Wehn and Dr. J. Catlett exhumed exhumed the body and brought the guilty parties before the magistrate.

[“Killed Infant Sister To Silence Her Cries – Anna Peters, Nine-Year-Old Negress Throws Baby Down Steps Several Times to Hush Its Wails Wails.” The Evening Times (Washington, D. C.), Oct. 24, 1902, p. 4]


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