Friday, November 13, 2015

Geneva Arnold, 10-Year-Old Murderess – Kansas, 1897

FULL TEXT: Sedalia, March 17. – Mary Arnold, colored, and her ten-year-old daughter Geneva, were arrested tonight for murder.

When Mrs. Arnold left home yesterday her daughter says she told her that she would kill the baby before she returned home. She wanted to be rid of it because illegitimate. The young girl lost no time in trying to earn the reward. She placed the baby on a barrel and then pushed it to the floor three times to break its neck, and because the baby would not die, jumped on it and kicked it violently in the stomach until it became insensible. She then became frightened and called in the neighbors, telling them that the child had fallen off the barrel and hurt itself. After the child died she made a full confession.

[“A child Murderess – Negro Mother Hires Her Daughter to Kill the Baby.” The Kansas City Gazette (Ks.), Mar. 18, 1897, p. 1]


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