Monday, May 11, 2020

Susan Ibrahim, Half of a Serial Killer Couple – Jordan, 1998

FULL TEXT: Amman, Jordan – A Jordanian man convicted of a four-year crime spree with his wife that left 12 people dead and stunned a nation used to tight security, was hanged Thursday [Dec. 7, 2000].

Bilal Musa, 34, was executed at dawn in Swaqa Prison, 60 miles south of the Jordanian capital Amman, police said.

Musa and his wife, Susan Ibrahim, 31, posed as salespeople or journalists to persuade their victims to let them into their houses, the officials said. Once inside, they killed and robbed the inhabitants.
The crimes committed in various cities between 1994 and 1998 shocked Jordan, a conservative Muslim country with a high security level for the Middle East.

In April, Musa was convicted of 12 counts of murder and robbery. The court sentenced him to death on seven counts of murder, but did not explain why the other five cases did not warrant the death penalty. For the robberies, Musa received a combined sentence of life in prison with hard labor.

The court convicted Ibrahim of being an accomplice to the murders and robberies. She was sentenced to death on one murder count, but an appeals court commuted the sentence to life in prison. She was also sentenced to life imprisonment with labor for the robberies.

The couple fled to Libya in 1998 but were arrested and extradited to Jordan in October of that year.

[“Jordan Executes Serial Killer,” AP, Dec. 7, 2000]


The prosecutions were vigorously challenged by Human Rights Watch.

[Sarah Leah Whitson, “Letter to His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Marouf Bakhit,” Human Rights Watch, Dec. 13, 2005]


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