Thursday, February 11, 2021

Christina Magruder, Badger Game Dame – New York, 1923

FULL TEXT: New York. April 7. – Christina Magruder, a modiste, was held in $5,000 hall today on a charge of stealing jewelry from Max Bernstein, a jewelry salesman, after Bernstein’s lawyer had accused her of participating in a badger game by means of which Bernstein had lost nearly $250,000 in gems.
Opposing Miss Magruder’s plea for an adjournment, Benjamin A. Hartstein. Bernstein's lawyer, said to Magistrate Simms: "I denounce this woman as a clever badger worker, who preys on rich married men, and charge that she is somewhat implicated in a quarter-of-a-million-dollar robbery in Baltimore in 1921, when my client was robbed of a large quantity of jewelry by two men, who, we believe, are friends of hers and who now a reserving  term soften and twenty years.”

[“$250,000 Alleged Badger Game Loss - New York Woman, Accused by Jewelry Salesman. Held in $5,000 Bail.” The Sunday Star (Washington, D. C.), Apr. 8, 1923, p. 21]


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