Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Gloria Garcia, Badger Game Dame – Wisconsin, 1931


FULL TEXT: Confidence game charges against Gloria Garcia, 21, the Iowa senorita, and Clarence Kelly, Sank City salesman of supplies to ministers, are to be dismissed from superior court. Miss Garcia and Kelly are to pay court costs under an arrangement made in court today.

The couple is alleged to have victimized Frederic Nelson, 20, town of Cottage Grove, in the old "badger game."

Miss Garcia, when arraigned last week, declared she came directly from her home in Mexico City to Madison, but authorities since have learned that she lives in Iowa. She

was born in Mexico, but her parents lived there but a short time. Her parents are to come to Madison to take her home.

The "senorita," it, is claimed, took Nelson to her room ina local hotel to cash a check for him. There, they were confronted by Kelly who posed as the woman's husband, according to Nelson's claim. Nelson told officials' that, in the excitement of being involved in what appeared to be an illegitimate enterprise with a married woman, he endorsed a check for $100, and gave it to some one in the hotel room. Later, the check was returned to him.

[“Senorita and Salesman Free Pair to Pay Costs in Badger Game Charge,” The Capital Times (Madison, Wi.), Nov. 4, 1931, p. 10]



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