Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Kitty Wells, “Queen of the Levee,” Badger Game Artist – Chicago, 1897

FULL TEXT: Diamonds worth $1,000 adorned Kitty Wells, known in Chicago as the Queen of the Levee when she was recently arrested by the New York police. She is 23 years old and one of Chicago's most noted female crooks. They have born looking for her for several months fur the larceny of diamonds in Chicago.

Kitty is the youngest and prettiest of crowd of young women who have plied the badger game in Chicago for ten years. She was associated with such women as Minnie May, Chicago May, Dora Bulligan and Ida Wells. They are supposed to own $l50,000 worth of real estate and diamonds. The police say, but there are at least 15 indictments against Kitty in Chicago.

She usually "works" the Nations and cheap hotels, and can hi to diamonds off shirt bosoms in a flash. She is a petite and neatly dressed young woman, with dork brown hair and refined face. Her demeanor is modesty personified, and the speaks with the voice of a refined woman.

Yet, according to the police, this innocent looking girl is one of the most export of Chicago's "bandits." Kitty was arrested on a dispatch from Chicago, saying she was found there for robbing Archibald Hollenback of a diamond stud valued at $150.

[“Queen Cf The Levee. Her Specialty Is the Biting of Diamond Studs From Shirt Bosoms.” Rock Island Argus (Il.), Jul. 10, 1897, P. 2]




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