Friday, February 5, 2021

Minnie Grant, Badger Game Dame – New York City, 1889

FULL TEXT: Minnie Grant, of 210 West Fortieth street, and a man named Sanders were held for examination in the Jefferson Market Court this morning on the charge of attempting to rob Joseph Jacoby, of 155 East Forty-ninth street, by means of the badger game similar to that practiced on Gambler Phil Daly.

Jacoby knew the Grant woman, and called at her house last night in response, to a letter from her.

He was introduced to Sanders and another man, and the tour indulged in dice-throwing.

Jacoby finally refused to play anymore, whereupon one of the man knocked Jacoby down, and, aided by the woman, the two men attempted to tear a diamond ring from Jacoby's finger.

The latter managed to free himself, and, drawing a revolver, kept the trio at bay while he opened the door, and, running to the street, yelled for a policeman.

Just as the policeman arrived one of the men ran out of the house and escaped.

The other man, Sanders, and the Grant woman were arrested.

[“Again The Badger Game. - Joseph Jacoby Escapes from a House Aided by His Revolver.” The World  Evening  Edition (N. Y.), Dec. 3, 1889, p. 1]



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