Friday, February 5, 2021

Mrs. Barber, Badger Game Dame – Montreal, 1903

FULL TEXT: Montreal, May I. – C. A.  Barber and a woman calling herself Mrs. Barber, believed to be from the western states, worked the "badger" game on a millionaire grocer named Brosseau.

For 25 hours they kept him gagged and handcuffed, while he suffered from a knife wound in the leg and a bullet wound in his head.

The couple finally extorted checks and notes to the value of $13,000. They left him locked in a suburban house, but he escaped in time to stop payment of the cheeks. He notified the police.

[“Millionaire Victim Of A ‘Badger’ Game,” The Spokane Press (Wa.), May 1, 1903, p. 8]



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