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Mrs. Anderson, Badger Game Dame: Targeted Doctor – New York, 1908

FULL TEXT: Louis Goldman, a cloak manufacturer of No. 1349 East New York avenue, Brooklyn, and Paul Under, of No. 57 East Fourth street, were arraigned in Centre Street Court today, charged with attempting to extort from Dr. H. M. Groehl, of No. 275 Rivington street, by a modification of the badger game.

Dr. Groehl has the quiet support of a number of physicians in the prosecution, as his case is of particular interest to members of the medical profession.

Dr. Groehl says that on Oct. 13 he was summoned to telephone to attend Mrs. Anderson at No. 57 East Fourth street. When he reached the address, he was met by a woman he had never seen before, who said she was ill and desired a diagnosis.

The doctor says he examined her and found that she was suffering from tuberculosis.

Suddenly the woman threw her arms around his neck, he alleges, and began to scream. Then Unger, who goes also by the name of Anderson, burst into the room and wanted to know what the doctor was doing with his wife. Dr. Groeld says he had to fight his way out.

Later in the day Anderson had the doctor arrested and he was arraigned in Essex Market Police Court on a charge of assault preferred by Mrs. Anderson. The case was adjourned.

Goldman entered the plot last Friday. Dr. Groeld says, when he called and made overtures looking to a settlement.

After consulting with the District Attorney, Dr. Groeld agreed to pay $2,500 to the Andersons if they would drop the case. Detectives were in waiting last night when the money was to have changed hands and arrested Unger and Goldman.

Magistrate Droege held each of the prisoners in $2,500 bail for examination Thursday afternoon.

[“Badger Game of New Variety Tried On Doctor – Two Men Alleged to Have Combined With Woman for Blackmail.” The World Evening Edition (New York, N. Y.), Oct. 27, 1908, p. 3]



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