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Barbara Salisbury, Serial Killer Nurse – England, 2002

On Jun. 17, 2004, Barbara Salisbury (47), a senior ward sister at Leighton Hospital, in Crewe (Cheshire, England) was convicted of attempting to murder two elderly patients under her care. The nurse was motivated by a serious shortage of available beds at the hospital. She was suspected of killing five of her wards between May 1999 and March 2002: James Byrne (76), Reuben Thompson (81), Frances Taylor (88), Frank Owen (92), Bertram Madeley 76.

“All of Salisbury's alleged victims were elderly patients whose days ‘or even hours’ were numbered. For all, the prospect of recovery was poor or non-existent. For some, death was imminent.” [The Telegraph, Apr. 29, 2004]

On one occasion she told a nurse to prepare a 92-year-old patient for a “natural” death, telling her to:  "Lay him flat. With any luck his lungs will fill with water and he'll die."

Salisbury was found guilty of attempted murder of May Taylor (88) and Frank Owen (92) by the Chester crown court.


1975 – Began nurse training in 1975 while in the Royal Air Force.
Pre-1993 – worked at hospitals in Peterborough, Cambs, and King's Lynn, Norfolk.
1993 – begins working at Leighton Hospital, in Crewe, Cheshire, England
May 18, 1999 – James Byrne (76); RL repeatedly pressed the booster button on a Graseby syringe driver giving diamorphine to Byrne. As she did so, she was saying: "Give in. It's time to go."
Feb 3.-Mar. 14, 2002 (a date between) – Reuben Thompson (81); RL is alleged to have withdrawn his oxygen supply and laid him flat on his back so he was choking.
Mar. 21, 2002 –she used a Graseby driver inappropriately while administering diamorphine to Mrs Frances Taylor.
Mar. 31, 2002 – inappropriately gave diamorphine painkiller to Frank Owen by an injection.
May 2002 – police investigation initiated.
Jun. 17, 2003 – charged, 5 counts of attempted murder; released on bail.
Jun. 17, 2004 – jailed for five years after being found guilty at Chester crown court of the attempted murders of May Taylor, 88, and Frank Owen, 92. Low Newton Prison in Durham.
Nov. 8, 2005 – appeal dismissed.


The five alleged victims:
James Byrne (76).
Reuben Thompson (81). (conviction)
Mrs. Frances (May) Taylor (88). (conviction)
Frank Owen (92).
Bertram Madeley (76).


"Give in. It's time to go."
"Lay him flat. With any luck his lungs will fill with water and he'll die." (92-y-o patient)


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[Nigel Bunyan, “Nurse 'tried to kill elderly to free beds',” The Telegraph, Apr. 29, 2004]



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