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Celeste Carrington, Serial Killer Burglar – California, 1992

Between January and March, 1992, Celeste Simone Carrington (30) shot three persons during three separate burglaries. The first two, which took place in San Carlos, California, died and the third, shot three times in Redwood City, survived and testified against Carrington.

Carrington “had no criminal record before the murders but had been fired from her job as a janitor in December 1991 for stealing checks. Witnesses at her trial said she had been providing financial support for her partner and the woman's three children.”

On November 23, 1994 Sentenced to death for the murders of Victor Esparza (34) on Jan 26, 1992 in San Carlos and Carolyn Gleason (36) on March 11, 1992 in Palo Alto during burglaries.

The surviving victim, Allan Marks, had been attacked on March 16, 1992.

Carrington claimed that her lover forced her to commit the crimes so that she could give him money.


1961 – Celeste Carrington born. East Palo Alto resident at time of arrest.
Dec. 1991 – fired from janitorial job for stealing checks.
Jan. 26, 1992 – Victor Esparza (34), murdered, San Carlos, Ca.
Mar. 11, 1992 – Carolyn Gleason (36) murdered, Palo Alto, Ca.
Mar. 16, 1992 – Allan Marks, attempted murder, shot three times, Redwood City, Ca.
Mar. 20, 1992 – Celeste Carrington (30), arrested.
Jun. 16, 1994 – convicted of murders, 12 other felony counts; San Mateo County.
Nov. 23, 1994 – sentenced to death.
Jul. 27, 2009 – death penalty upheld by California Supreme Court n a unanimous 71-page ruling.


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