Thursday, October 31, 2019

Kannammal, Female Serial Killer – India, 2019

In October 2019, a 54-year-old woman named Kannammal was arrested in Senthipalayam, Tirupur district, Tamil Nadu state, India, on suspicion of committing three murders. Kannammal confessed to the murders and the corpses were discovered buried in her back yard. Police are looking into the possibility that there may be additional victims.

It is thought her daughter Poonkudi and son-in-law Nagendra were her accomplices. The victims were Kannammal’s brother Selvaraj (60) and his wife Vasanthamani (42), and Rajamani (60), and the mother Poonkudi’s mother-in-law. Initial reports state that the first of the three killings occurred in May 2019 and imply that the two others occurred on the same day sometime afterward and involving drugging followed by strangling.


Kannammal (54), Senthipalayam, Tirupur district, Tamil Nadu state, India
Accomplices: Poonkudi (daughter), Nagendra (son-in-law).
May 2019 – Rajamani (60), daughter’s mother-in-law.
Selvaraj (49), brother
Vasanthamani (42), brother’s wife.


[“Amid spotlight on Jolly, Tamil Nadu woman kills brother, 2 other kin,” Onmanorama, Oct. 20, 2019]

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