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Marianne Noelle (Nölle), Serial Killer Nurse – Germany, 1991

EXCERPT (translated from German): The geriatric nurse Marianne Nölle from Cologne has completed in the opinion of the Kripo [German Department of Investigation] completed 17 and attempted 18 murders. She was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1993 for seven proven acts from 1984 to 1992. In each case she always given her patients excessive doses of the tranquillizer Truxal. She never made a confession. A theft investigation put police on the trail of the deadly nurse on the complaint of the son of a one of one of her patients.

[Stephan Harbort,” Kriminalistik - Serienmördern auf der Spur,” Stuttgarter Zeitung, 11.05.2004]


FULL TEXT: BONN, Germany -- A court Wednesday [Apr. 28] sentenced a nurse to life imprisonment after finding her guilty of killing and robbing six of her elderly patients, including one aged 91.

The defendant, Marianne Noelle, 57, broke down into tears as the presiding judge at the Cologne court described the murders and asked her why she wanted “to play master over life and death.”

Judge Dietmar Herfs said Noelle had a “two-faced personality” -- the friendly, competent and dutiful nurse and Noelle the murderer who could have got without committing any crime everything that she has obtained in a criminal manner.

Herfs said Noelle's grateful patients would happily have written their wills in favor of the nurse who cared for them.

He said Noelle killed six of her patients, including one aged 91, by giving them overdoses of tranquilizers. The judge said Noelle then robbed her patients' money and jewelry.

A witness said earlier at the trial that one of the victims, an 88- year-old woman, had wanted to reach the age of 100.

“Why could you not give her a chance to get at least close to her aim?” the judge asked the defendant.
The judge gave Noelle two life sentences to run concurrently after finding her guilty on six counts of murder by poisoning.

Noelle, who was arrested in May 1991, refused to answer the court's questions and only broke her silence in the last days of the trial to insist she was innocent. During the six months of hearings, 115 witnesses and six experts gave testimony.

[“Killer nurse in Germany sentenced to life imprisonment,” UPI, Apr. 28, 1993]


EXCERPT (translated from German): The 88-year-old Margarete E. died in July 1990 as the penultimate of the victims. The old lady was still sprightly and very cheerful, nothing indicated that she was ill. Heart failure was given as the cause of death in the death certificate that the doctor had filled out. Relatives were suspicious, the supervisor indicated.

Although Nölle had already targeted the police, she again resorted to her can of Truxal, an antipsychotic (sedative) that also leads to respiratory paralysis in the overdose. "Take that, it will do you good," she is always supposed to have said.

The prosecution ordered the exhumation of the many dead. Even years after death, traces of Truxal can still be found in their bodies, from which four cans were found in Nölle's flat. How she administered the overdosed poison was never clarified.

In May 1988. Erna Mai dies at the age of 87. Doubts come up. She, too, had been robbed. The death certificate again showed "natural death". Marianne Nölle, notorious liar, directs suspicion to the grandson of the old lady. The examinations are inadequate, the woman was old and frail. Nobody Proper research was not done. The investigations are stopped. Only two years later, the exhumations began, which showed that there were even more old people like Erna Mai poisoned. The death certificate doctors and the police: a collective failure!

[Günther Classen, Der „Todesengel von Köln“ 17 Morde unter dem Deckmantel der Barmherzigkeit (“The ‘Death Angel of Cologne’; 17 murders under the guise of mercy”), Express,  08.11.18]




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