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“Woman Confesses to Killing Husband No. 6”: Annora Yeoman; Ohio - 1924

Note: Some reports have the name as “Annora,” others as “Elnora.”


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 3): Mt. Gilead, O., July 16. – Confronted with a chain of circumstantial evidence, Mrs. Elnora Yeoman, 39 years old, confessed that she administered poison to her husband, Lewis Yeoman, who died June 28, last. In her confession, Mrs. Yeoman failed to state a motive, the prosecutor said.

Suspicion was first directed toward the women by the mysterious form of the husband’s illness. When his death followed a few weeks later, County Prosecutor Mateer ordered Coroner Caris to exhume the body and examine it for the traces of poisoning.

Vital organs taken from the body were sent to Columbus. Experts declared they found traces of poison.

A few days after her marriage to Yeoman, Prosecutor Mateer said, the woman went to the postoffice at Cardington, a village near here, and rented a postoffice box under the name of “N. B. Snyder.” Many letters were received by her under this name, evidence submitted allowed. All letters, they said, were addressed to the same man in Detroit.

[“Woman Admits That She Slew By Poisoning – Mrs. Lewis Yeoman, Mt. Gilead, Ohio, in Confession to Police. – in love in Another,” Warshaw Daily Times (In.), Jul. 16, 1924, p. 8]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 3): Mount Gilead, Ohio, July 17.— A grand jury investigation of Mrs. Annora Yeoman’s confession that she killed her sixth husband Lewis Yeoman, by putting poison in his coffee, was ordered today by T. M. Mateer, county prosecutor. The death of a former husband, Charles McLaughlin, and the serious illness of another will not be investigated, Mateer said, in view of “the certainty of conviction in the present case.”

[“Woman Confesses Killing Husband No. 6,” syndicated (UP), Jul. 17, 1924, p. 2]

[“Admits Poisoning Sixth Hubby And Gets Ten Years -  Gets Ten Years - Mrs. Yeoman Says, Guilty To Manslaughter As Testimony Ended.” The star journal (Sandusky, N.Y.), Nov. 13, 1924, p. 1]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 3): Mt. Gilead, O., Nov. 13.—A. P. Mrs. Annora Yeoman, of Cardington, charged with poisoning her sixth husband, was sentenced to serve not less than ten or more than twenty years in the woman’s reformatory at Marysville by Judge C. H. Wood here this afternoon.

Earlier in the day Mrs. Yeoman had changed her plea of not guilty to guilty of manslaughter.

Mrs. Yeoman was married seven times to six different men, having remarried her first husband for fifth matrimonial venture, but later again divorcing him.

At the time of Lewis B. Yeoman’s death, who was her last husband, it was rumored that Mrs. Yeoman was anxious to divorce him and remarry her fourth husband, Harry McMonigan of Detroit.

[“Woman Poisoner Sentenced To Pen,” syndicated (AP), Steubenville Herald (Oh.), Nov. 20, 1924, p. 3]


Date?: Harry McMonigal, Detroit, husband #4.
Date?: married Charles McLaughlin (husband)
Date?: “Another” husband survived attempted murder.
Circa 1916 – Henry Snyder, married another husband.
Jun. 28, 1924 – Lewis Yeoman, husband #6, dies.
Jul. 16, 1924 – confession.
Nov. 13, 1924 – sentenced to 10-20 years to Woman’s Reformatory in Marysville.





For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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