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Aino Nykopp-Koski, Serial Killer Nurse – Finland, 2009

Finnish Wikipedia (loose translation): Aino Annikki Gretel Nykopp-Koski (b. 1950 ) is a Finnish serial killer nurse who assaulted, attempted to murder and murdered murdered a number of her patients in 2004-2009. Previous to her arrest for the series murders and other crimes, Nykopp-Koski had been convicted of theft of drugs and the property of her patients. The crimes took place in hospitals, care centers and in the patients own homes.

Police began investigating Nykopp in March 2009 after the one of her patients, a 80-year-old woman, was nearly killed by poisoned yogurt. She was saved by doctors at The victim of an old woman were rescued Mary's Hospital (Marian sairaalassa). Investigation of this poisoning led police to evidence of a long series of similar poisonings of patients under Nykopp’s care. Nykopp denied responsibility for the poisonings which in a number of cases resulted in death. She tried to attribute the deaths to the patients’ having mistakenly, or deliberately, overdosed themselves but police did not accept her story and placed her under arrest. An extensive investigation resulted in multiple charges of murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, theft and drug violations.

On May 14, 2010 Nykopp was found guilty by The Helsinki District Court of five murders, six attempted murders and two counts of aggravated assault. The court ordered a psychological examination in order to make a proper sentence decision. “Psychiatric examinations concluded in November the nurse fully understood the consequences of her actions even though she suffered from [an antisocial] personality disorder, and could thus be deemed responsible for the murders.” On December 22, 2010, Helsinki District Court sentenced her to life imprisonment. Nykopp appealed in 20011 and on March  29, 2012 the Helsinki Court of Appeal upheld the rulings.


List of crimes:
Jun. 22, 2004 – woman, 81, murdered.
Jun. 5, 2005man, 70, murdered.
Jun. 23, 2005 – aggravated assault; poisoned a colleague’s coffee.
Feb. 2006 – attempted murder, drugged woman, 91; possessions stolen. City of Helsinki. Agency: Care Services Chickweed Oy.
Oct. 26, 2006 – aggravated assault, drugged woman, 83. Home care; VKTL Services Ltd.
Oct. 27, 2006 – attempted murder, drugged man, 85. Home care; VKTL Services Ltd.
Nov. 22, 2006 – attempted murder, drugged woman, 83; VKTL Services Ltd.
Oct. 2007 – attempted murder, woman, 75; VKTL Services Ltd
Mar. 8, 2008 – murder, woman, 90 [poisoning began Feb. 25]; property stolen.
Aug. 31, 2008 – attempted murder, 77-year-old woman; possessions stolen.
Feb. 13, 2009 – woman, 77, murdered; lid Koti Helsinki Foundation for Seniors.
Mar. 2009 – attempted murder; woman, 80. “the nurse had prepared jugurttiannoksen [yogurt], mixed with a variety of life-threatening drugs.”

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