Friday, August 26, 2016

Sylvie Coulon, Serial Baby-Killing Mom – 1988, France

On October 2, 1988, Sylvie Coulon, a French pediatric nurse aid, pregnant at the time, was called in by the Limoges police for questioning. They had been tipped off four months earlier by an anonymous phone call to Coulon’s four-year long habit of getting pregnant and yet never seeming to have a baby to be show for her efforts. She confessed to killing newborns in 1984, 1985, 1986 and early 1988. Coulon told the prosecutor she did the deeds because she was ''alone and broke.'' She also said that though she was pregnant a fifth time she wanted to allow the child to live. On March 12, 1988 Sylvie Coulon, 27, was convicted to 12 years in prison for killing four of her new born babies.

[Robert St. Estephe]


12 mars 1990 : Sylvie Coulon, 27 ans, aide-puéricultrice, est condamnée à 12 ans de réclusion à Limoges. Elle avait jeté quatre nouveau-nés aux ordures. 

[“Plusieurs cas d'infanticides multiples ces dernières années,”, 28/07/2010]


For more cases of this type, see Serial Baby-Killer Moms.


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