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The Creepiest Female Serial Killers: 20 Cases

Sure, all 900-plus female serial killers known to The Unknown History of MISANDRY are creepy, but here are some cases that seem to involve an especially weird sense of demonic empowerment. The original post only contained 20 cases, but has since been added to.


1610 – Elizabeth Báthory – Catchtise, Hungary – sadistic pervert who tortured and murdered huge numbers of young women.

1834 – Honorine Pellois – Bas-Val, Orne, France – age 10 (2 murders; & 1 attempt) –  Honorine, aged ten, threw two young girls – each not much more than two years old – in a well on June 16 and 18, 1834. On the 20th she attempted to drown an eleven year old boy but was unsuccessful in her ploy. The justice of the peace first thought that they were accidents, but the community of Bas-Val suspected the girl, known for her cruelty to other children, whom she would torture by throwing dust in their eyes and then rubbing nettles into them. She also liked to strangle animals. Honorine eventually admitted she killed the two girls because they were said to be prettier than she. She delighted in seeing the suffering of family members of her victims.

1865 – Marie-Françoise Bougaran – Brest & Lesneven, France – “servant girl,” age 15 at time of apprehension. (3 deaths & 2 attempts) – Marie-Françoise Bougaran, a 15-year-old serial killer, invented one of the most ingenious, and perverse, methods, on record. As a house servant she murdered four children under her care and two victims were saved having been removed from her supervision before it was too late. She would force-feed her victims with feces and then, inserting a knife into their throats and cut open a vein, insuring septic infection. Three victims died. Two were saved by removing them from the murderess.

1871 – “Dahr-al-Ahmur Serial Killer” – Dahr-al-Ahmur, Lebanon – kidnapped, poisoned and cut up 8 children to get even with a “rival in love.”

1871 – Agnes Norman – London, England – Arrested at age 15: Two or three children, a dog, two cats, six or eight birds, and some gold fish, had all fallen victims to her unnatural propensity for destruction before her crime was discovered. One little boy, aged eleven years, testified that one night he awoke by feeling something hurting him, and upon looking up found this delectable young woman, who lived as a servant in the same house, stooping over him with one hand on his mouth, and the other tightly grasping his throat.

1885 – Rachel Ostrovoskafa – Odessa, Ukraine – leader of a baby-killing cult.

1890 – Marianne Skoublinska – Warsaw, Poland – A professional baby-murderer who charged to get rid of unwanted children who fed scores of children to her pigs and bragged about having the fattest pigs in the region. She was apprehended after she torched her own home – with five children inside – to collect insurance money.

1892 – Ella Holdridge – Tonawanda, New York – She was only 14 at time of her apprehension. Ella had a passion for attending funerals. When a lull came about, offering no opportunities for her favorite form of amusement, she solved the problem by poisoning a number of children in series. She remarked with respect to the corpse one of her victims, Louisa Stormer who she said “made the prettiest corpse ever put under New York soil.”

1892 – Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano – Mexico City, Mexico – Sexually tortured and murdered 3 orphan girls. Her son’s participation was not clear, but he was at least a passive participant.

1895 – Gaetana Stimoli ("Stomoli") – Aderno, Catania, Sicily – murdered 23 children. She “made it a practice to allure little children to her den with sweatmeats, after which she gave them a drink of wine containing undiluted phosphoric acid. The victims barely got home when they were seized with agonising pains, in which they died. … [H]aving lost two children of her own, she believed their death had been caused by incantation – (they had been bewitched) … and to avenge them she poisoned the children of others! The woman’s den was minutely searched and found to contain all the armoury or “stock-in-trade” of witchcraft …”

1895 – Marie Jager – Hodmezovassarhely, Hungary – poisoner who murdered a huge number of babies and adults for both profit and thrills.

1903 – “Cairo Female Cannibal Serial Killer” – Cairo, Egypt – kidnapped, cooked and ate children.

1903 – Elisabeth Wiese – Hamburg, GermanyElisabeth Wiese was a “baby farmer” and abortionist. Deeply superstitious, she performed magic rites and believed she was in communication with spirits. She murdered babies, and was accused of burning them alive. Some of the females she allowed to live and she raised them to become prostitutes who would bring her additional revenue.

1904 – Jeanne Bonnaud  Chatain, Haute Vienne, France – A young girl of eighteen, named Jeanne Bonnaud confessed to an extraordinary series of infant murders. She murdered several children including her sister before being caught trying to push two others down a well.

1905 – “Dubovo Vivisection Ogresses” – Dubovo, Ukraine (Russian Empire) – Two women, newcomers to a Ukranian village, kidnapped and murdered children to perform scientific experiments on their bodies. Police saved them from lynching and jailed them but they killed their jailers and escaped.

1906 – Mrs. Gustav Holmen – Stockholm, Sweden – a recently rediscovered case involving the suspected of murder of 1,000 babies.

1906 – Ida Schnell – Munich, Bavaria, Germany – teenage child-care provider who had a special technique for murdering babies.

1906 – Lillian B. Thornman – York, Pennsylvania, USA – A 15-year old servant girl murdered a child who was “roasted from head to toe” by placing the youngster on the stove. After her arrest it was learned she had previously murdered three other children in the same manner, getting away with the crimes by having concocting stories of accidents.

1906 – Mary Maher – Dunkitt, County Kilkenny, Ireland – This is one of the most remarkable female serial killer cases of all time and it fits into one of the most remarkable categories of serial killers: young children who have a mania to murder. The case is notable for the killer’s youth, 11 years old, the fact that all her victims were sisters, the fact that she seems to have wanted to work as a nurse girl (possibly in order to kill children outside the family, and most astonishing of all that she committed suicide. Mary Maher’s story is even more sensational than the infamous 11-year old English girl, Mary Bell. In a three-month period, Mary Maher murdered three sisters (aged 1, 3, 4 ½), attempted to murder another sister, aged 8, and then, a week later, committed suicide. 

1908 – Jeanne Weber – Paris, France – got her kicks from strangling children, including her own. She was defended by France's greatest "experts" and acquitted of murder twice, allowing her to continue her passion for strangling children to death. She murdered ten children and two were rescued from her attempts.

1909 – Olga Ivanova Tamarin – Kurdino village, Novaya Ladoga, Russia – With her 17-year-old daughter and accomplices she robbed, murdered, mutilated and cannibalized 27 persons.

1911 – Clementine Barnabet – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA – axe-murderess who claimed she was a voodoo cult leader.

1912 – Louise Lindloff – Chicago, Illinois, USA – clairvoyant who serially poisoned her whole family for insurance money and after her arrest claimed their spirits were visiting her to protect her from false charges.

1912 – Enriqueta Martí – Barcelona, Spain – occult cannibal pedophile child-trafficker. She once forced a little girl to eat portions of the body of a child the woman had slain. Enriqueta would rent out the children she had abducted to pedophiles and also supplied these customers with "magic potions" she made from the boiled down remains of the children she murdered.

1912 – Maria Reyes Mexico City, Mexico – kidnapped and murdered babies and toddlers.

1913 – Madame Kusnezowa – Archangel, Russia – Another child care provider who was charged with having murdered more than 1,000 children.

1917 – Leopoldine Kasparek – Vienna, Austria – Leopoldine Kasparek “attempted at least 14 murders and robberies, and in four or five cases she was successful. All of her victims were wealthy elderly women whose confidence she won in some way. “One of her victims, a woman named Marie Wurisch, who was half-blind, was not only half-strangled, but was burned to death by Kasparek, who saturated her clothing with paraffin and set fire to it, the house in which the woman dwelt being burned to the ground.”

1924 – Anastasia Permiakova – Perm, Russia – Anastasia Permiakova was a retired gang leader who became a fortune teller with an admitted uncontrollable compulsion to murder. She lured young women, telling them they must expose the back of their necks so that marks or moles could be read to tell their fortune. As the girls pulled their hair and bowed their heads they were attacked with an axe.

1925 – Dinorah Galou – Agen, France – suspected of being a serial killer of children, she was most certainly a child trafficker, involved in renting out babies who were victims of a bizarre torture technique used by street-beggars.

1928 – Anujka de Poshtonja (Anna Pistova; Baba Anujka) – Panchova, Banat district, Serbia (“Jugoslavia”) – She was called “The Witch of Vladimirovac.” Born into a prosperous family, Anujka became rich from selling poison (which she told police was love potion”) the wives of wealthy farmers poison. She was over 90 when she was finally prosecuted and sentenced to prison. When Anujka was arrested she tried at first to frighten the young police sergeant who came to her, he reported. “I work with the devil, young man,” she said. “If you imprison me you’ll remember it to your dying day. Don’t play with the forces of evil.”

1928 – Axenia Varlan (Maria Varlane) – Fundul Galbenei, Hîncesti District, Moldova Axenia Varlan murdered at least nine persons. When police searched her premises human ears and other human remains were found. She confessed to have cut them off the corpses of her victims, to keep them as "memories." Over a period of  four years she murdered and then cut into pieces her four children, her mother, her father, her mother-in-law, her brother-in-law and a sister of the latter. At her trial psychiatrists declared her a classic sadist.

1933 – Viktoria Rieger – Szeged, Hungary – passed as a man and hated the male sex. She devised a clever murder method, which she, "Smoking Peter," would instruct the wife to set up the husband in a faked suicide by hanging scenario.

1938 – Moulay Hassen (Oum el Hassen) – Fez, Morocco – Hassen, once a famous dancer became a madame for prostitutes, kidnapped, tortured and serially murdered many young women (as well as boys). She was discovered to be a serial killer following the discovery of dismembered body parts of one of her victims. She fed human flesh to her cats. She was convicted and sentenced to death, but due to her powerful political connections she was freed to continue her criminal career. Convicted of new crimes she was sentenced to only 15 years in prison.

1941 – Felicitas Sanchez Aguillon – Mexico City, Mexico – baby farmer who tortured and mutilated babies she was paid to care for and place up for adoption.

1941 – Leonarda Cianciulli – Reggio Emilia, Italy – cooked her victims who were all female, made their boiled down remains into dessert cakes and into bars of soap.

1944 – Carmen Matamoros de Tejeda – Panzacola, Tehuantepec Dist, Oaxaca, Mexico – “When police of Mexico City swooped on an eerie house and garden in the quiet town of Panzacola to free a nude, half-crazed, 18-year-old girl, whose chained body bore savage imprints of teeth, strange welts, and hideous scars, they uncovered a cesspool seething with the paraphernalia of witchcraft and black magic. But more petrifying was the subsequent discovery of the bones and bodies of two tiny babies …”

1950 – Georgia Tann – Memphis, Tennessee, USA – pedophile pervert who kidnapped and sold babies, murdering an enormous number (unsalebable merchandise). Tann's accomplice in child trafficking, a nationally famous "child welfare expert" and Memphis Juvenile Court judge, Camille Kelly, was equally evil.

1950 – Miriam Soulakiotis – Keratera, Greece – cult leader, pervert who tortured young women before murdering them.
1954 – Piroska Jancsó Ladányi – Törökszentmiklós, Hungary –Along with her mother, Prioska strangled five girls to death, an 11-year old, three 13-yesar-olds and a 17-year old. Her mother wanted the victims clothing to sell and Prioska wanted to engage in sexual activities with the corpses. She was hanged as the age of 20.

1963 – Magdalena Solis – Villagran, Mexico – “The High Priestess of Blood” – “Magdalena Solis also known as the High Priestess of Blood, was a serial killer, a member of a cult in Mexico that was responsible for orchestrating several murders, and participated in drinking the blood of the victims. She was convicted of 8 murders and sentenced to 320 years in prison. Santos and Cayetano Hernandez recruited Magdalena Solis and her brother Eleazor to pose as mystical gods so their gang could exhort money and sex from their followers. Early in 1963, the Hernandez brothers convinced the remote village of Yerba Buena that the Inca gods of the mountain were willing to give them fabulous wealth in exchange for their undivided loyalty and sexual favors. The men and women of the village became sexual toys for the brothers in the hopes of bringing good fortune to the village.” [Wikipedia, excerpt] 

1964 – Delfina, Maria, Carmen & Maria Luisa de Jesús González – San Francisco del Rincon, Mexico – cult prostitution ring.

1968 – Mary Bell – Scotswood, Newcastle, England – 11-year-old girl who murdered two boys, 5 and 4, plus several previous attempted murders.

1980 – Charlene Gallego – Sacramento, California, USA – sadistic pervert, raped and murdered teenage girls.

1982 – Judith Neelley – Fort Payne, Alabama, USA – Dominant and sadistic wife in a serial killer couple in which the husband was easily led. Before the murders began, Judith, at the age of 16 and while 9-months pregnant, committed an armed robbery while her husband waited in a getaway car. She liked to torture her victims, young females.

1989 – Sara María Aldrete – Matamoros, MexicoAldrete was a cult leader who engaged in human sacrifice. “Victims’ body parts were cooked in a large pot called a nganga.”

1989 – Tammy Eveans Corbett – Brighton, Illinois, USA – Murdered 3 babies and never showed remorse. In her own words: "when Amy and Robbie died, they both kicked their legs real hard like a little baby would kick their legs trying to swim in the water."

1993 – Karla Homolka – St Catharines, Ontario, Canada – sadistic pervert, raped and murdered young women, including her own sister along with her sadistic pervert husband. Because of Marxism-based theories of power relations, police were fooled into thinking Karla was a passive victim of the "partriachal" power of her husband, thus she got off with an outrageously light sentence.

1994 – Rosemary WestGloucester, England – with her husband Frederick as her crime partner, she murdered and sexually abused 11 females, including her own daughter and step-daughter.

1996 – Ludmilla (Lyudmila) Spesivtsev – Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia – with son, Sasha, killed an estimated 32 teenage girls, who were raped by the son and cut up and cooked by the mother.

2000 – Credonia Mwerinde – Kunungu, Uganda – cult leader suspected of murdering three of her brothers and confirmed as the instigator of the arson mass murder of over 700 cult members.

2003 – Jaroslava Fabianova – Decin, Czech Republic – The "Czech Wornos" was a prostitute who preyed upon elderly men, whom she would hack to death with a meat cleaver or beat on the head with a hammer. She was convicted of murder and then paroled repeatedly, each time when freed committing the same sort of time.

2007 – Antonie Stašková (Staskova) – Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic – the story of this chronic child abuser mom is beyond belief.

2013 – Joanna Dennehy – Bifield, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England  – This 31-year-old Englishwoman told her friend, “I want my fun. I need you to get my fun.” This fun consisted of finding a male stranger to stab in the heart. Ms. Dennehy was able to, over a period of several weeks, to engage in this form of amusement on five occasions, resulting in three deaths.

2015 – Elena Lobacheva – Moscow, Russia – 25-year old sexual sadist, with her 20-year-old male accomplice, whose alternative sexuality preference involved stabbing 12 men (up to 107 times), all strangers, randomly selected, to death, and photographing them “with their stomachs cut open.” She was inspired by the movie “Bride of Chucky,” and has a tattoo of the character on her arm. Quote: “Randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought me pleasure comparable to sexual pleasure.

2015 – Tamara Samsonova – St. Petersburg, Russia – The “Granny Ripper,” arrested July 27, 2015, kept a diary of her deeds. She is suspected of up to 14 murders, all of them involving dismemberment of the victims’ bodies, the parts of which were distributed throughout St. Petersburg. The final victim was dismembered while still alive. Internal organs were removed from bodies and it is suspected Samsonova may have eaten these parts, particularly lungs. The investigation continues.

2016 – Juana, “La Peque Sicaria” – Baja California, Mexico – Juana, a 28-year-old executioner for Los Zetas in Tamaulipas cartel. She was in charge of multiple decapitations and confessed to be excited by blood, using it – and, apparently, severed body parts – as a sexual stimulant.

2016 – Cecilia Steyn – Krugersdorf, South Africa – Electus Per Deus cult. 11 murders.
2016 – Miranda Steyn – Krugersdorf, South Africa – Electus Per Deus cult. 11 murders.

2017 – Anna Young – Micanopy, Alachua County, Florida – The House of All Prayer cult – Anna Young punished children to death. Her husband's death was "suspicious." She ordered one cult member to cut off his sexual organ, which he did.


New research has discredited these cases previously included here.

1926 – Maria Vukosava Jovanovic (DISCREDITED) – Kikinda, Serbia ("Jugoslavia") – She poisoned two husbands and organized a “club,” named “St. Lucretia,” its name a joke that plays on the parallel names of a saint and the world’s most notorious poisoner. The club was devoted to planning the murders of husbands for their assets or in order to make way for new paramours.

1926 – Josefa Szanyi (Josephine Tzany) (DISCREDITED) – Budapest, Hungary – an avowed predatory misandrist who sought out men, mostly married ones, to seduce and then murder, 12 of them. 


“Female serial killers … haven’t received anywhere near the same amount of attention from the media or from criminologists as males have. Even researchers on psychology have tended to focus on male populations. There’s a common erroneous assumption that because females are “nurturing,” they won’t be violent. But we’ve had female serial killers who have shot, stabbed, smothered (with her enormous weight), and even used chain saws and ice picks.” [D. P. Lyle, MD, “Forensic Psychologist Dr. Katherine Ramsland Talks About Serial Killers,” The Writer’s Forensics Blog, June 25, 2009]





As of August 2016, "The Creepiest Female Serial Killers: 20 Cases" has had over 270,000 views. [54 cases; 11/14/18-296,518]



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    1. It was deliberate. I have not yet posted some of the extremely well-known ultra-creepy cases yet, and left them off this list until later. Also, I am deliberately making an effort to inform the public about the unknown cases that show sadism among female sociopaths, a subject that gets censored in both mainstream media and academia so as to present a false image of female psychology. Women of good character are horrified when they come to realize how pervasive fraudulent data is they have been subjected to by "gender" ideologues.

  4. A friend of mine has assessed this post perfectly in these words: "We hear that female serial killers are very rare; Aileen Wuornos in the 1990s was referred to as 'America's first female serial killer.' This is nonsense. Murder is human activity, and women are human."

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  6. What about Aileen Carol Wuornos (February 29, 1956 – October 9, 2002) was an American serial killer who killed seven men in Florida in 1989 and 1990. There is a great movie about her, starring Charlize Theron.

    1. She is the only well-known female serial killer and thus needs no extra attention. The movie was, apparently, very well-acted. But the story the movie tells is wildly inaccurate: a feminist fairy-tale.

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