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Cristina Soledad Sánchez Esquivel: Serial Killer Who Murdered Five Taxi-Drivers – 2010, Mexico

García, Nueva León, Mexico – La Matataxista (The Taxi driver killer”) a 35-year-old mother of five children (ages ranging from 5 to 15) hated men, she said. She felt neglected by men and so she got even. That’s why she led a gang – comprised of men and boys – which murdered and robbed five members of the despised sex  (including one who was her lover). She murdered one woman as well.

Examining psychiatrists described her as antisocial in attitude, emotionally cold, insensitive to pain, as show no remorse and having a marked tendency to sadism. During interviews, she asserted that she was a victim of sexual abuse and claimed he was abused and raped. She worked with several male accomplices but she was the leader.

She would lure her victims to an abandoned reservoir in the Icamole area where she would shoot the drivers and dump their corpses into the water. The gang would sell the purloined taxi in Coahuila and split the proceeds.

La Matataxista was captured Jun. 6, 2010 by police in the town of Garcia after she wounded another taxi driver, Manuel Neri Balderas (31), who managed to escape with only a slight knife wound after La Matataxistas tried to slit his throat. It was the policy for Manuel to take only females as fares, a safety measure which did him no good with the likes of man-hater Cristina.

Charged with five charges of murder, violent robbery, criminal conspiracy and violations of laws governing treatment of the dead.

On December 22, 2012, following two years of proceedings, a judge of the municipality of San Pedro Garza Garcia, after sentenced to 192 years and 11 months in prison. Accomplice Aaron Herrera Pérez, "El Azteca", 27, who sentenced to 152 years and 4 months in prison. Later the sentences were reduced, respectively to: Cristina Soledad Sánchez Esquivel, 65 years, 11 months (195 yrs, 11 mos); Aron Herrera Perez , 52 years, 4 months (from 152 yrs, 4 mos)


Victims: disappearance of at least 6 people

Date? – 54-old-woman, survived, locked in trunk.
Date? – José Alfonso Quiroz Mar, taxi driver.
Date? – Lorenzo Alemán Marantes, taxi driver, Saltillo.
May 2010 – Abdiel Hernández Mendoza, taxi driver.
May 18, 2010 – Gregorio López Escamilla, 49.
May 28, 2010 – Omar Pérez Velásquez, 31, taxi driver.
Jun. 4, 2010 – Manuel Neri Balderas (31), wounded by knife during attempt on his life.

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Cristina Soledad Sánchez Esquivel: nicknames – “La Plomera” (The Plumber) “La Matataxistas” (Taxi Driver Killer) –García, Nuevo León, Mexico


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