Thursday, January 23, 2020

Grace Newell, 6-Year-Old Murderess – New York, 1897

FULL TEXT: Plattsburgh, N. Y., May 12. – A horrible case of infantile brutality has just come to light here. Grace Newell, aged six years, living with her parents on the Miller Road, about five miles from the village, has developed a mania for taking life. In a quarrel with her cousin, Johnnie Fuller, about the same age, last Wednesday, she picked up a pitchfork and struck him on the head, one of the prongs entering the brain through the eye, causing almost instant death. The authorities were not notified, and the story got out through neighbors talking about it.

[“Infantile Brutality. – A Six Years Old Girl Kills Her Playmate With a Pitch Fork.” Burlington Daily Free Press (Vt.), May 13, 1897, p. 1]



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