Thursday, August 18, 2011

“Obecse Step-Mother,” Hungarian Quadruple Child-Killer - 1898

EXCERPT: Vienna. Oct. 30. – At Obecse, Hungary [in present-day Serbia], a prosperous farmer’s wife hanged her step-daughter, a little girl of four years of age, on a tree in the garden. She then ordered her stepson, aged ten, to say he had murdered his little sister. The boy refused, whereupon the inhuman stepmother seized him and placed him in a large oven, where she baked her bread. The boy was roasted to death over a slow fire.

The stepmother then suffocated a third stepchild, aged nine, with a pillow, and strangled the fourth, aged seven, with her own hands. She now awaits trial for the four murders.

[“Two Female Fiends. Sensational Murder Cases in Austria-Hungary.” Daily Mail (London, England), Oct. 31, 1898, p. 5]

NOTE: The full article discusses two different cases. This is the complete description of the Obecse case.


For more examples, see Step-Mothers from Hell.


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