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Frau Millinich Savagely Murdered 4 Stepchildren – Serbia, 1898

EXCERPT: Vienna. Oct. 30. – At Obecse, Hungary [in present-day Serbia], a prosperous farmer’s wife hanged her step-daughter, a little girl of four years of age, on a tree in the garden. She then ordered her stepson, aged ten, to say he had murdered his little sister. The boy refused, whereupon the inhuman stepmother seized him and placed him in a large oven, where she baked her bread. The boy was roasted to death over a slow fire.

The stepmother then suffocated a third stepchild, aged nine, with a pillow, and strangled the fourth, aged seven, with her own hands. She now awaits trial for the four murders.

[“Two Female Fiends. Sensational Murder Cases in Austria-Hungary.” Daily Mail (London, England), Oct. 31, 1898, p. 5]

NOTE: The full article discusses two different cases. This is the complete description of the Obecse case.


FULL TEXT (translated from German): From O-Becse in Hungary it is reported: In a vengeful passion, the young wife of the local farmer Gabriel Millinch has murdered her three step-kindest and then her own two-month-old child in a beastly manner. She first strung up her four-year-old stepdaughter on a tree, and then wanted to persuade her 10-year-old stepson to testify that he had set up hiss stepsister while playing. When the boy did not want to acknowledge the claim, the stepmother became so senselessly furious that she seized the boy and put him into the flaming oven, where she himself soon perished. Then she strangled the third stepchild with a cushion and finally her own child. The inhuman woman was arrested and taken to court at Neusatz, where she made a full confession.

[“The Murderess of Her Own Children.” Bukowinaer Rundschau (Cernowitz, Ukraine), 1. Nov. 1898, p. 3]


FULL TEXT: Aus O-Becse in Ungarn wird gemeldet: In einer Rachbargemeinde hat die junge Gattin des dortigen Landwirtes Gabriel Millinch ihre drei Stiefkinder und sodann ihr eigenes zwei Monate altes Kind in bestialischer Weise ermordet. Sie erheukte zuerst ihre vierjährige Stiefdochter an einem Baume und wollte sodann ihren 10jährigen Stiefsohn überreden, er soll aussagen, daß er die Schwester beim Spiele erhenkt habe. Als der Knabe hievon nichts wissen wollte, gerieth die Stiefmutter in eine derart sinnlose Wuth, daß sie den Knaben packte und in den beißen Ofen steckte, wo selber alsbald zugrunde ging. Sodann erwürgte sie das dritte Stiefkind Mit einem Polster und schließlich ihr eigenes Kind. Das entmenschte Weib wurde verhaftet und dem Gerichtshose in Neusatz eingeliefert, woselbst sie ein umfassendes Geständnis ablegte.

[“Die Mörderin ihrer Kinder.” Bukowinaer Rundschau (Cernowitz, Ukraine), 1. November 1898, p. 3]



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