Thursday, August 18, 2011

“I martyr myself for my gender and to protect my daughter.” – Maegan Mundi - 2003

Maegan Mundi, 38, apparently influenced by feminist theories that males are inherently child molesters, denied her baby daughter, Galadriel, and the child’s de facto step-father, her fiance Jan Bottorff, access to each other.

Maegan had started an autobiographical novel, in which she wrote:

“I martyr myself for my gender and to protect my daughter.”

On Sunday November 16, 2003, police found the bodies of mother and daughter, 3 years and eight months old, after receiving a call at 11:10 p.m. requesting a welfare check at the family home in San Ramon, in northern California.

Mr. Bottorff reports that Maegan Mundi had been given a diagnosis of "bipolar disorder." Such diagnoses often differ from one psychiatrist to another. The relationship between paranoid ideation and ideology (such as neo-Marxist "gender" ideology) or non-secular cult influences – which are similar or perhaps identical – are unfortunately overlooked by physicians intent on using psychotropic drugs to deal with mental problems that are more complex than mere chemical processes.


The following long article tells the tragic story of “gendered” paranoia and filicide.

[“Martha Ross, “Unnatural Causes; Why did a devoted San Ramon mom decide to end her own life and take her little girl with her?” Diablo Magazine (Walnut Creek, Ca.), Oct. 2006]

►SEE: The Luikart case for an example of feminism-influence poisoning of two little daughters.

►SEE: Maternal Filicide: Spousal Revenge Motive


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  1. I'd like to clarify a significant error in your blog post. I'm Jan Bottorff, and Maegan's daughter was conceived and born with her former husband. I was in a relationship (engaged) with Maegan at the time of their death. I was effectively a step-father to Galadriel. Her biological father spent time with her a few times per week, and Maegan had primary custody. This is all explained in the Diablo Magazine article you reference. Maegan suffered from bipolar disorder, which in hindsight, was a much bigger danger to her daughter than any real or imagined issues her ex-husband had. My motivation for being involved with the Diablo Magazine article was to share accurate information about the tragic outcome of a serious mental illness, in the hope that someday another tragedy could be prevented. I would appreciate corrections of the errors in your post.