Monday, August 22, 2011

Doris Blake on Parental Alienation (“Mind Poisoning”) – 1936

FULL TEXT: Once in a while one meets a mother with sufficient sense of fairness to realize that because she can’t get along with her child’s father, this constitutes no reason why there should not be devotion between the father and child. Ordinarily, however, one finds the feminine parent doing everything in her power to poison the child’s mind against the other parent. The mind poisoning goes on at a vicious rate when father and mother have come to the parting of ways.

And it goes on in ratio to the mother’s own fault in the domestic upheaval. Women have a remarkable penchant for absolving themselves from every particle of blame in the event of domestic strife. Regrettably, when the man has taken all he can stand and departs, sympathy is on the woman’s side, no matter what her status as a wife and parent.

But today the erring mother is confronted with a generation she can’t blind with her bitter wails and recriminations against father. Witness the letter left behind by a 14 year old girl whose runaway experience landed her in the hands of the Missing Persons bureau.

The letter follows:

“Dear Mother: Please don’t worry. I am trying to get to my Dad. I realize now why he left you and me. I also realize now why you send me out when your friend, Mr. ----, calls to see you. I feel I am not wanted around here!”

[Doris Blake, “Mother Is Unfair to Poison Child’s Mind Against Dad,” Chicago Daily Tribune (Il.), Mar. 9, 1936, p. 17]


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