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Eva Browne, Diamond-studded Husband-beater – Coney Island, 1907

FULL TEXT: New York, June 21. – With her eyes flashing no less brilliantly than the diamonds blazing on her rich gown, Mrs. Eva Browne, in front of the police, thrashed her husband, Richard H. Browne, in front of the entrance to Dreamland, Coney Island, shortly after 10 o’clock last night.

Browne caused the arrest of his wife, and when she was taken before the sergeant’s desk in the Coney Island and Police court, she broke away from Policeman James Travis, who took her into custody, and, with hysterical shrieks, she again fell upon her husband, and punished him severely until she was taken away.

The husband eventually relented and sent a friend to furnish bail for Mrs. Browne. When she left the police station he was considerably cooler, but her gratitude over her release did not go to the extent of reconciling her with her waiting husband.

Jealousy is said to be the cause of Mrs. Browne’s chastisement of her husband. Browne is a bookmaker and is reputed to have made tremendous winnings recently. In company with his wife, two other beautiful woman and two men, the party drove in an automobile from Sheepshead Bay to Coney Island. The first indicated that all was not harmonious came when there was a scuffle on Surf avenue.

Mrs. Browne struck her husband in the face. Browne could not shield himself from the blows she aimed at him, and was soon much the worse for the attack. A crowd quickly gathered, and in the arena Mrs. Browne continued to beat her husband. Some people misunderstood the cause of the trouble and were on the point of assisting the woman when others of the party restrained them.

Mrs. Browne is a very beautiful woman. She was richly dressed, and when searched by the matron no less than $5,000 worth of  diamonds were taken from her person.

[“Rich Woman Thrashed Husband,” The Meriden Daily Journal (Ct.), Jun. 21, 1907, p. 9]



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