Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mrs. Masters Gave Her Husband the Garden Hose Treatment – Oregon 1912

FULL TEXT: Mrs. Masters, of Medford, Oregon, believes in the expression “spare the rod and spoil the husband.” Mr. Alex Masters is now recovering from shock and injury consequent upon the vigorous treatment he has had at the hands of his wife.

Several ladies had secret, and not altogether hopeless, admirations for Mr. Masters, and they used to write him affectionate letters. Mrs. Masters happened to find one of these letters, and saw at once that it was a case for the rod.

Unfortunately for Mr. Masters he was asleep in his armchair, so without disturbing him, Mrs. Masters brought in a clothes-line, and tied him very securely by the legs and arms. Then she cut a two-foot length out of the garden hose, and proceeded to spoil the beauty which other ladies found so charming.

The vigorous Mrs. Master hammered her husband on the face and body till he was nearly unconscious, and she was exhausted. Then she dragged him on to the sidewalk, where he was rescued by a puzzled policeman, who took him to the police station for repairs.

[“Wife Thrashes Husband - Correction In The Chair.” The Gundagai Independent (Australia), Nov. 27, 1912, p. 8]



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