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Mrs. Cochrane Horsewhipped Her Husband – Brooklyn, 1888

FULL TEXT: James D. Cochrane, who has been on the staff of the Examiner and Chronicle, a religious publication, for many years, was severely horsewhipped at midnight on Friday by his wife. The assault took place in front of 100 Leonard-street, Brooklyn, Eastern District, in the presence of Miss Sadie Jacobs, a handsome young lady, who was the cause of the trouble. She resides at 100 Leonard-street and was on the way to her home with Mr. Cochrane on Friday night, when Mrs. Cochrane sprang from behind a tree and began to beat her husband about the head with a small whip. Miss Jacobs ran into the house, while Mr. Cochrane disappeared around the corner, and Mrs. Cochrane, overcome by excitement, went into hysterics. A gentleman who knew Mrs. Cochrane took her to her home, at 28 Broome-street.

Yesterday Mrs. Cochrane was very willing to talk to reporters. She said her husband had been too attentive to Miss Jacobs and for that reason she whipped him. He had not been home since the scene of Friday night, she said, and was not wanted there. Mrs. Cochrane declared that she would not apply for a divorce from her husband, with whom she had lived for 20 years.

Mr. Cochrane was found at Miss Jacobs’s home, but he would not talk. Miss Jacobs said he had been a friend of her family for 10 years, and called as much to see her father as herself. She denied that Mrs. Cochrane had any cause for jealousy.

[“Horsewhipped Her Husband.” New York Times (N.Y.), Jul. 24, 1888, p. 8]



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