Saturday, December 1, 2012

Margaret Hoppenrath, Detroit Husband-Beater, Wanted It All - 1907

FULL TEXT: [Detroit, Michigan] – William A. Hoppenrath says he is a much abused husband, He asks for a divorce from Margaret Hoppenrath on the ground of extreme cruelty.

“Ever since said marriage the defendant has been guilty of cruelty towards your orator,” the bill of complaint reads: “that is to say, that the said Margaret Hoppenrath on divers days and times since said marriage has beaten, struck and kicked him. Such personal violence began within four months after said marriage.”

On September 16, 1906, Hoppenrath says he was lying on a couch when his wife kicked him, punched him “and otherwise greatly injured him.” Further, he says she nagged him continually, although he gave her everything she desired, even turning over to her his entire salary every week,. The couple were married October 17, 1900.

[“Declares His Wife Beat Him Up – W. A. Hoppenrath Asks Divorce from Athletic Better Half on Ground of Cruelty.” The Detroit Free Press (Mi.), Feb. 21, 1907, p. 3]

(Note: The original article, has, in its final paragraph, a description of a different case that was heard in court the same day. This paragraph is omitted here.)



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