Saturday, December 1, 2012

“Husband-Beater Fined” – Pittsburgh 1912

FULL TEXT: If husbands are severely punished for wife-beating, why not wives for husband-beating? So asked Frank Jefferson of Pittsburgh of Magistrate Saam when he was arraigned on his wife’s charge of choking her. the most henpecked man in Pennsylvania, maybe, a common or garden worm is a mastodon of strength and courage beside him. But with a brace of burly policemen beside him and a receptive judge before him, Jefferson mustered up gumption enough to tell his sad story.

“There never was such a jealous woman,” began Jefferson. “She won’t let me go to the theatre because I might look at the chorus girls. She caught me reading an advertisement of a department store and gave me the deuce because there was a woman’s picture on it. Last night I was looking at a fashion plate and she caught me. I got well talked to and then I was let go to bed.

“Soon I was waked up with trouble,” he told the Court. “I had to protect myself and I did.”

And the upshot of it was that the wife and not the husband was fined $10.

[“Husband-Beater Fined $10.” The Pittsburg Press (Pa.), Jul. 21, 1912, Magazine section, p. 5 (?)]



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