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Youthful Borgias: Girls Who Murder – The Forgotten “Lizzie Bordens”

“Youthful Borgia, “Young Borgia” were common terms used in the nineteenth century to describe girls who committed or attempted to commit murder.

The vast majority of the cases listed here have failed to attract the interest of criminologists, forensic psychology experts and “gender” studies professors. Those “experts,” like Prof. Michael Kimmel, purveyor of Cultural Marxism-derived theories condemning large swaths of male sex as pathologically violent, those of them not properly feminized (particularly “white” gentile ones), have neither knowledge nor place in their fallacious ideology for such cases as those cited here.

Kimmel asserts: “Seldom do the news reports note that virtually all the violence in the world today is committed by men. Imagine, though, if the phalanxes of violence were composed entirely of women. Would that not be the story, the only issue to be explained? Would not a gender analysis occupy the center of every single story? The fact that these are men seems so natural as to raise no questions, generate no analysis.” [Michael S. Kimmel, The Gendered Society; Oxford University Press, 2000, p. 243]

Almost all? It is not clear what he means by “almost all” or by “violence.” What we can be sure of is that Kimmel has no familiarity with the large body of evidence of female perpetrated violence – evidence which he and his colleagues, because of rigid ideological bias, bend over backwards to ignore. In the fundamentalist "social constructionist" ideology females who are individual agents capable of violence (that is not caused by socially imposed “gender roles”) are supposed to be nonexistent. This type of mentality is akin to magical thinking (as practiced by children and low IQ adults).

Note: This list is still in progress. Included are cases which are included in the collection “Serial Killer Girls.”


Sample case:

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Of particular interest, of course, are the youngest of the murderesses. Here is a list of those 10 and younger that will be found below:

Age 3 – 1906 – Ziapasa daughter
Age 4 – 1885 – Lizzie Lewis
Age 4 – 1897 – Retta McCabe
Age 6 – 1892 – Bottoms Girl
Age 6 – 1899 – Lizzie Cook
Age 7 – 1925 – Alsa Thompson
Age 8 – 1867 – Martin Girl
Age 8 – 2001 – Jummai Hassan
Age 8 – 1900 – Valentine Dilly
Age 9 – 1885 – Mary Cooper
Age 9 – 1884 – Annie Bebles
Age 9 – 1902 – Anna Peters
Age 9 – 1896 – Hattie Record
Age 9 – 2005 – “East New York girl”
Age 10 – 1834 – Honorine Pellois
Age 10 – 1873 – Sarah Reeves
Age 10 – 1897 – Geneva Arnold
Age 10 – 1886 – Jane Walker
Age 10 – 2010 –  “Sandy Springs girl”
Age 10 – 2012 – Kelli Murphy


Cases in which the murderess falsely accuses a boy of committing the murder she has carried out:

1895 – Anna Bell ("Annabell") – Fairfield County, South Carolina – age 14; tortured a boy (9) to try to get him to falsely confess.
1899 – Carrie Sampson – Tallahassee, Florida, USA – age 13; claimed a “big boy” had committed the murder.
1902 – Nellie Corneilson – Wichita, Kansas – age 11; blamed bother (5) of murdering sister (3).


1810 – Elizabeth Hinchcliff Covent Garden, London, England – age 14 employer, 2 children; survived. (Sep. 19)
1834 – Honorine PelloisBas-Val, Orne, Franceage 10 – serial killer
1838 – Anne-Marie Boeglin – Stetten, Haut Rhin, Alsace, France age 17 – murdered father and two adult brothers in succession.
1844 – Mary Johnson – Lincoln, England – age 12, murdered two brothers at same time using poison. (double murder)
1851 – Rachel Clark – Carlisle, Pennsylvania – “young girl”; poisoned to death "several," crippling one.  (serial killer)
1852 – Catharine B. Bushler – Stewartstown, Pennsylvania – age 12; murdered sister; cut throat with butcher knife. (Mar. 10)
1852 – Sarah Gerber – Charleston, South Carolina – age 14; fed 10-month-old pins and needles, causing death. (Jan. 17)
1860 – Constance Emily Kent – Rode (Road in 1860) Wiltshire, England – age 15; murdered half-brother, 4, with razor. (Jun. 29)
1865 – Marie-Françoise Bougaran – Brest & Lesneven, France – age 15; killed 4 children "by forcing them to swallow excrements, and then cutting the veins of the neck with a knife." (serial killer)
1867 – Martin Girl – Cassville, Barry County, South Carolina – age 8; shot brother (4); deliberately mangled the body. (Jul. 4)
1867 – Elizabeth Wheeldon – Shirland Delves, near Alfreton, Derby, England – age 17 at time of apprehension; She poisoned two children of her at employer on different occasions so that she would have less work to do. (2 murders on separate occasions)
1868 – Barber Girl – Corning, New York – age 18; threw young child on floor, stamped it until almost lifeless, then roasted it to death. (Nov. 25)
1868 – Elizabeth Stang – Chicago, Illinois – age 10; poisoned parents, sister (11), brother (4), all survived through intervention by physician, the brother was near death. (Jan. 19)
1870 – Catharine Hummel – Douglass Township, Pennsylvania – age 14, nurse girl; cut throat of boy (23-mo) with butcher knife. (Jun. 20)
1871 – Mary Brister - Pennington, Pennsylvania, USA – age 13, murdered 3 (or 4) infant step-siblings over period of 2 years.
1871 – Agnes Norman – London, England – age 15; murdered 4 children on different occasions and attempted to murder a fifth; also killed a dog, two cats, six or eight birds (parrots included), and some gold fish. (serial killer)
1872 – Martha Whetstone – St. Louis, Missouri – age 16; murdered four children, including her own sister, in a space of four months. (serial killer)
1873 – Mary Kabal – Winona, Minnesota – age unstated, "little girl"; poisoned a family of 7; all survived. (Apr.)
1874 – Sarah Reeves – Elizabeth, New Jersey – age 10; poisoned a family; all survived. (Jun. 27)
1874 – Henrietta WeibelNew York, NY – age 13; 1 murder & 1 attempt; she stated she had a mania for burning babies and setting fires.
1876 – Augustine-Marie Ouvrard – Pourcellerie, Luche, Pringe, France – age 12; smothered two children on different occasions; removed to the hospital of La Flèche, and there felt impelled by some unnatural force to assassinate the patients. (serial killer)
1878 – Berlin Girl – Berlin, Germany – (age?); a series of various tortures killed baby sister. (circa April)
1878 – Jennie Post – Spring Valley, New Jersey – age 16; murdered an employer, husband of benefactor and attempted to murder female benefactor, who barely survived. (Jun. 17?)
1880 – Agnes Criddle – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – age 14; oxalic acid in coffee, poisoning female employer and two men; all survived. (Aug. 17)
1880 – Eliza Sudds – Ravenna, Ohio – age 15; poisoned female employer, baby (18 mo.), and a nurse; all survived. (Oct. 20)
1881 – Margaret Messenger – Cumberland, England – age 13 at time of first murder, 14 when arrested; murdered two children by drowning. (2 murders on separate occasions)
1883 – Adeline Hamilton – Wilmington, Delaware – age 14; burned the feet of a 1-y-o baby boy  to the bone; died less that 2 weeks later. (injured circa Nov. 28; died Dec. 10)
1884 – Annie Bebles – Tarheel, North Carolina – age 9; beat 5-year-old sister to death with a stick (Jun. 26)
1885 – Mary Cooper – Scottsville, Albermarle Cty., Virginia – age 9; killed boy cousin (7), by hanging him with rope and beating head with shovel. (ca. Mar. 18)
1885 – Lizzie Lewis – Port Jefferson (Long Island), New York – age 4; stabbed sister (6 mo) in the eye and repeatedly slashed her face with a knife. (May 20)
1885 – Rebecca Samuels – Barnesville, S. C. – age 12; soaked child in pot of lye, killing it; a previous crime “of this sort” occurred about 2 years earlier. (2 murders on separate occasions)
1886 – “Marie Schneider” – Berlin, Germany – age 12; robbed 4-year-old girl of earrings and threw her out of a fourth story window, killing her. (Jul. 9)
1886 – Mary & Jennie Green – Frederiksburg, Virginia – age 18, 13?; murdered foster family (man, 65, and his sister) beating them with clubs so as to steal $350. (Jun. 11)
1886 – Jane Walker – Millbrook Township, South Carolina – age 10; administered lye to the child of a near relative, causing death (May)
1887 – Axey Cherry – Allendale, South Carolina – age 11; nurse girl; murdered baby by putting lye in its mouth; sentenced to be hanged; reprieved. (Jul. or earlier)
1887 – Blanche Cook – Baltimore, Md. – age 11; 2 attempts to murder a family, first by poisoning the water, then by turning on gas to asphyxiate the residents. (Jun. 29)
1887 – Minnie Demorse – Manistee, Michigan – age 18; tortured and smothered baby to death; possible attempt to poison a family; multiple arson. (arrested Oct. 11)
1887 – Virginia (or, Georgiana) Hudson – Granville, South Carolina – age 7; hit 1-y-o on head with board and threw it in well, killing the child. (Jul. 23)
1888 – Minnie Kratzenburg – Chicago, Illinois – age 13; attempted to murder family with rat poison. (Sep. 28)
1888 – Mary Sowards – La Porte, Indiana – age 12; poisoned with arsenic her father, who died, and 2 children (siblings) who survived. (Nov.)
1889 – Marie Doiselet – Bar-sur-Aube, France – age 15; smothered to death two children aged 6-months and the other 2 ½ years, a month apart. (2 deaths)
1889 – Flora Rohr – Fayette, Missouri – age 16; shot her boyfriend’s mother to death for objecting to her son’s intention to marry her. (Jan. 19)
1889 – “The Weeks Girl” – Mechanicsville, Alabama – age 17; poisoned 4 younger sisters, two of whom died. (Jan. 21)
1890 – Annie Banks – Clarksburg, West Virginia – 14; poisoned a family with rat poison (all survived?). (Dec.)
1890 – Sadie McMullen – Akron, New York – 17; threw two girls (aged 4 and 6) off bridge; the 4-y-o died. (Oct. 31)
1890 – Mary Metzdorf – Baltimore, Maryland – age 16; murdered 3 with poison “just for fun”; brother (6), mother, another woman. (Aug.) (triple murder)
1890 – Mary Stewart – McKeesport, Pennsylvania – age 16; brother (4) died of poisoning; 3 other family members survived. (Apr. 18)
1890 – Pearl LeCourt – Boston, Massachusetts, USA – age 19; poisoned parents. (Feb. 11)
1890 – Mamie Starr – Chicago, Illinois, USA – age 17; poisoned benefactor couple and their children. 2 adults died. (Apr. 11)
1891 – Lilly White – Lexington, Kentucky – age 17; poisoned four family members, two of whom died. (Jan. 18)
1892 – Bottoms Girl – Atoka, Kentucky – age 6; murdered sister (18-mo) after planning long in advance; “she mashed the poor little innocent’s finger and toe-nails off with a hatchet” 10 days before bludgeoning the child to death; after apprehension she expressed desire to murder more babies. (serial ideation)
1892 – Millie Brown – Gaffney, South Carolina – age 15; poisoned a girl (10) to death with carbolic acid (ca. Jun. 10); executed at Spartansburg for the murder. (ca. Oct. 8, 1892)
1892 – Mattie Ellis – Barton, Texas – age 11; stabbed 11-y-o boy to death with butcher knife (Jul. 19)
1892 – Ella Holdridge – Tonawanda, New York – age 14; murdered one child and made several other attempts to murder children; she was obsessed with attending funerals, this being her apparent motivation for murder. (serial killer)
1892 – Laura Smith – Easton, Maryland, USA – age 15; poisoned father & brother; the father died. (Jan. 11?)
1893 – Katie Horlscher (16) Mrs. Harriet Ritter – Philadelphia, Pa.– Age 16; poisoned 5 family members who survived (3 adults; 2 toddlers, 2 and 3) on 4 occasions in same month (Jan. 3-14)
1893 – Ada Urry – Eastney, England – age 14; murdered 5-y-o girl, thrown into well, drowned. (Apr. 30)
1893 – Mary Yusta – Deadwood, South Dakota – 17; shot a young woman to death. (Dec. 17)
1894 – Lizzie Daniels – Scottsdale, Pennsylvania – age 14; shot to death 16-y-o girl with a revolver, bullet to the eye. (Aug. 8)
1894 – “Novgorod Teenage Serial Killer Nurse”Novgorod, Russia – age 14; confessed to murdering 17 babies “because they bothered her, and she disliked the trouble of attending to them.” (serial killer)
1895 – Novella May Belknap (Dollie Sarver) – Brownstown, Indiana – age 13; poisoned steparents; stepfather died.
1895 – Anna Bell ("Annabell") – Fairfield County, South Carolina – age 14 at time of apprehension; At the age of 11 she murdered a baby. At the age of 14 she murdered and dismembered another then tortured a 6-year-old boy in an effort to force him to confess to the crime she had committed. (2 murders)
1895 – May Pierce – Grand Haven, Michigan – age 13; murdered her mother. (Jul. 8)
1896 – Anna Isaac – Wisacky, South Carolina – age 14; murdered girl (13) cousin by splitting head open with axe. (Nov. 27)
1896 – Lavinia Jones – Suffolk, Virginia – age 13; poisoned family of 6 with rat poison, killing one. (Apr.)
1896 – Hattie Record – Holly Springs, Mississippi – age 9; fatally split open the head of her 2-year-old sister with an axe. (Aug.?)
1896 – Fanny Scovell (“Scofield”) – Oswego, New York – age 13; poisoned two children, killing them. (2 murders on separate occasions)
1896 – Minnie Swanger – Altoona, Pennsylvania – age 13; poisoned 4 with rat poison; one died (Jan. 21)
1896 – Gertrude Taylor – Craig, Missouri – age 13; poisoned parents, brothers, sisters; adult brother died. (Mar. 10)
1897 – Geneva Arnold – Sedalia, Kansas – age10; paid $5 by her mother for the deed, she beat baby sister to death. (Mar. 16)
1897 – Josephine Hill – New York, N. Y. – age 6 – 4 victims, no deaths; tortured baby until it went into convulsions; stabbed schoolmate with hat-pin, bit two others girls in the face. (Apr. 7)
1897 – Retta McCabe – Troy, New York – age 4; beat baby brother to death; assaults other children. (Sep.)
1897 – Grace Newell – Plattsburgh, N. Y. – age 6; stabbed boy, about 6, in eye with pitchfork, killing him. (May)
1899 – Nora Barrett – Leipsic, Delaware – age 16; burned 18-months-old boy to death (circa Jun. 20)
1899 – Marie Anderson – Des Moines, Iowa – age 15; poisoned foster parents, who barely survived. (Feb. 9)
1899 – Lizzie Cook – Tuscaloosa, Alabama – age 6; burned to death her brother (2). (Feb. 26)
1899 – Ivy Crabtree – age 16; attempted strangling of son (4 mo); attempted poisoning on m-in-l; poisoning of 4, with 1 death, brother (14) (Jul. 25, 1899)
1899 – Mary Fears – Lagrange, Georgia – Age 13 – killed her sweetheart (Nov. 11)
1899 – Cora Hicks – Durham, North Carolina – age 11; burned baby to death throwing into a fire with hot coals. (Feb. 21)
1899 – Mary Owens – Gloucester, Ohio – age 11; fired musket into a group of children, fatally wounding a boy. (Oct. 31)
1899 – Carrie Sampson – Tallahassee, Florida, USA – age 13, nursemaid; cut boy baby’s ear, and other cuts; on later occasion roasted the child to death. (Aug. 12)
1900 – Laura Humber – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin – age 12 – using fine broken glass she attempted to murder her parents and 3 sisters; vandalism and torture of animals (May 21?)
1900 – Valentine Dilly – Armentieres, France – age 8; stabbed 2-year-old girl to death; a dozen stabs. (Dec. 3)
1901 – “Mysore Girl” – Mysore, India – age 11; killed 2 small boys after robbing them, pushing them into a well. (Dec. 1900?)
1901 – Beatrice Farmer – Melbourne, Australia – are 13; poisoned a boy (11), who survived. (Jun. 19)
1902 – Nellie Corneilson – Wichita, Kansas – age 11; cut the throat of 3-year old sister, ear to ear, killing her. (Jan. 1)
1902 – Anna Peters – Staunton, Virginia – 9; threw baby down stairs (2 or 3 times) then struck her on the head with wooden bed slat killing her. (Oct. 20)
1903 – Gertrude Mary Chalmers – Cooktown, Australia – age 14; burned niece (4) to death. (Oct. 27, charged)
1903 – Nellie Kinsley – Corning, N. Y. – age 13; poisoned adoptive parents with rat poison, motive being inheritance; both survived, the woman “will probably be crippled for life.” (Jan. 26, confession)
1904 – Sis Bates – Salisbury, North Carolina – age 12; beat and pushed blind girl (10) into creek, drowning her. (Nov. 11)
1904 – Jeanne Bonnaud – Chatain, Haute Vienne, France – age 18 at time of apprehension; murdered 4 children (including her sister) using various methods; attempted 2 other murders. (serial killer)
1904 – Okato Take – Sasebo, Japan – age 15; planned to murder 4 children as human sacrifices to fulfill a superstitious belief; murdered a boy (4), and attempted to murder two 7-year old girls, all by drowning. (Mar. 4, murder of boy)
1905 – Emilie Bienert – Interbog, Germany – age 13; poisoned nun at reformatory school three times, killing her the third time.
1905 – Josephine Carr – Toronto, Canada – age 13; pushed 9-month-old baby face down in shallow water, drowning it; had stolen baby carriage with the infant inside. (May 19)
1905 – Antoinette Seidensticker – Wheaton, Minnesota – age 14; shot lover (19) through the heart, killing him. (May 25)
1906 – Jennie Ruth Burch – Carmel, New York – age 14; nurse girl; poisoned 3-y-o boy, killing him. (Sep. 21)
1906 – Susie Hannon – Concord, North Carolina – age 12; shot to death boy, 18 (Feb. 17)
1906 – Mary Maher – Dunkitt, County Kilkenny, Ireland – age 11; During a three-month period, Mary Maher murdered three sisters (aged 1, 3, 4 ½), attempted to murder another sister, aged 8, and then, a week later, committed suicide. (serial killer)
1906 – Lillian B. Thornman – York, Pennsylvania – age 15; murdered one child by roasting it on a stove; injured and tortured 3 other children. (serial killer)
1906 – Ziapasa daughter – Benwood, West Virginia – age 3; fatally attacked 2-month-old boy with butcher knife, cutting off nose, almost severing arm, multiple stabs in chest. (Apr. 11)
1907 – Ida Schnell – Munich, Germany – age 13; murdered 8 or 9 babies by sticking a hairpin into the skull. (serial killer)
1909 – Olga Ivanova Tamarin – Kurdino village, Novaya Ladoga, Russia – age 17 at time of apprehension; A mother and her daughter and accomplices she robbed, murdered, mutilated and cannibalized 27 persons. (serial killer)
1910 – Catherine Manz Massilon, Ohio age 16; poisoned sister (19) with strychnine, jealous of her dresses. (Mar. 17)
1911 – Clementine Barnabet (Bernebet) – Lafayette, Louisiana – age 18; cult priestess who confessed to personally murdering 17 persons and leading many other murders; the killings were human sacrifices and always involved decimation of entire families; she used an axe and mutilated the corpses. (serial killer)
1913 – Kathleen Oka Simmon – Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada – age 13; murdered playmate girl (9) with shovel, pounding her face until it was unrecognizable. (Jul. 21)
1915 – Inez Burk – Noblesville, Indiana – age 16; murdered mother striking with an axe twice and then slashing her with a paring knife; said mother had threatened to kill her. (Jul. 4)
1917 – Agripina Gomez – Los Angeles, California – age 15; poisoned "benefactress" who survived (Aug. 17)
1917 – Evelyn Ruth Hanson – Loverna, Saskatoon, Canada – strangled and battered baby brother (Mar. 31)
1919 – Frances Sulinski – Brooklyn, New York, N. Y. – age 13; killed 14-month-old baby boy by giving her Lysol; attempted to kill 70-y-o woman by same method. (Aug. 1)
1921 – Ineigo Kaneiko – Kumakura, Japan – age 18 at time of apprehension; presumably 16 or 17 at time of the first murder; with husband, killed with poison 18 people whose lives she had insured in her favor. (serial killer)
1923 – Elizabeth McDonald – Boston, Massachusetts – age 14; drowned boy (4), attempted to drown 3 others, attacked mother. (Jul. 16)
1925 – Dorothy Ellingson – San Francisco, California – age 16; shot mother to death. (Jan. 13)
1925 – Dorothy Perkins – New York, N. Y.  – age 17; shot ex-boyfriend to death (Feb. 13)
1925 – Alsa Thompson – Los Angeles, California – age 7. (serial killer, or, attempted serial killer)
1926 – Kaethe Hagedorn – Duisberg, Germany – age 18; murdered a boy (9) and a girl (6) out of “mania.”
1927 – Rolande Vallée – Fourne, Seine-et-Marne, France – age 10; poisoned brother, wanted to murder whole family. (Sep.)
1928 – Erna Janoschek – Oakland, California – age 17; strangled 1-y-o to death to get revenge on mother. (Jun. 26)
1929 – Avelina Teodoro – San Fernando, Philippines – age 16 – stabbed female schoolmate 37 times, killing her. (Sep.)
1930 – Katharina Riefer – Saarbrucken, Rhenish Prussia – age 12; confessed to the killing of a four-year-old infant, and to inflicting savage injuries on four others.” (serial killer)
1930 Gloria Utter   Denver, Colorado – age 5; shot female playmate, 6. (Aug. 4)
1935 – Hattie Irene Hyden – Prestonburg, Kentucky – age 14; she slashed the throat of her brother (9) (Jul. 20)
1936 – Gladys Dillon – Hamlin, West Virginia – age 14; poisoned 8 family members, though seriously to critically ill, all survived (Feb. 22)
1940 Mary Wolf  Niagara Falls, N. Y.  – shot brother, 8, to death (Sep. 4)
1944 Madeline Kirkland – New York, N. Y. – stabbed female classmate, 9, to death (May 9)
1947 Joyce Christine Nichols – Bakersfield, California – age 13; raped and murdered girl (5). (Nov. 17)
1947 Pearl Silverman – Jersey City, New Jersey age 18; murders brother (11) using two hammers. (Sep. 2)
1949 Diana Allen age 13 Joliet, Il. drowned boy, 17 (Apr. 30)
1950 – Helen Joyce George – Farley, California shot man (73) to death out of "desire to kill." (Sep. 23)
1950 – Alice RichardFresno, California –age 14; murdered twin sister; premeditated; no remorse. (Mar. 19)
1951 Sharon Dahl – Hartington, Nebraska – age 16; murders parents with shotgun. (May 19)
1954 – Juliet Marion Hulme & Pauline Yvonne Parker – Christschurch, New Zealand – age 15  & age 16; beat to death, with a brick in a stocking, Pauline’s mother. (Jun. 22)
1956 – Patricia Corcoran – Oakland, California – age 12; murdered aunt with an axe and butcher knife. (Oct. 4)
1957 – Madeline Allred – Detroit, Michigan – age 18; drowned girl (3) because she "likes to kill." (Mar. 14)
1958 Jane Dakin – Madison, Wi. – age 17; murdered mother & father (Dec. 1)
1958 Diana Daye Humphries – Hoston, Tx. – age 16; murdered brother, 14 (Sep. 23)
1958 Sandra Knowlton – Lewiston, Maine – age 14; murdered policeman (Jul. 7)
1959 – Darlene Rainer – Houston, Texas - age 13; shot mother to death (May 15)
1959 – Jane Ann Shusko – Elmira, N. Y. – age 15; murdered 7 siblings aged 2-12 by arson. (Jun. 11)
1961 – Patricia Kirk – Walton, N. Y. –age 5; beat younger sister to death with a toilet seat. (Aug. 6)
1961 – Donna Marie Stone – Belleville, Illinois – age 13; with 32 year old male partner, she shot 4 persons to death in period of a few days (arrest Sep. 2)
1966 – Piedad Martínez del Águila – Murcia, Spain – age 12; 4 murders, siblings 9 mo, 2, 4, 5)
1968 – Mary BellScotswood, Englandage 11; murdered 2 small boys by strangling, seriously injured another, pushing him from an elevation; several attempts to strangle female playmates to death. (serial killer)
1968 – Lynne Partee –  Memphis, Tennessee – age 14; stabbed brother (14) to death. (Jul. 8)
1975 – Toby Jackson – Sarasota, Florida – age 15; shot mother to death. (Aug. 22)
1979 – Brenda Spencer – San Diego, California – age 16; shot 11, 2 died (adults). School mass shooting. (Jan. 29)
1980 – Helen Patricia Moore – Claymore, Australia – age 18 when apprehended, first murder when 17; murdered five children aged from one to seven years, and crippled another, aged 2. (serial killer)
1984 – Latasha Speight Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – age 15; strangled to death a 2-y-o girl (Tansha Collins). (Jun. 16)
1984 – “Huntington Beach Babysitter” – Huntington Beach, California – age 15; kicked and stomped to death a 7-m-o boy (Matthew Bullard). (Jun. 3)
1985 – Paula Cooper – Gary, Indiana – age 15; stabbed to death a 78-y-o woman, stabbing her 33 times. (May 14)
1988 – Michelle Burks North Portland, Oregon – age 15; stabbed elderly woman (Neva Vasil) 21 times, killing her. (Jun. 29)
1992 – Sharon Carr – Camberley, Surrey, England – age 12; stabbed 18-year-old girl 29 times, mutilating her private parts. One diary entry read: “If only I could kill you again, I promise I’d make you suffer more this time. … Your terrified screams turn me on.” (Jun. 7)
1992 – Melinda Loveless (16) Mary Laurine (Laurie) Tackett (17), Toni Lawrence (15), Hope A. Rippey (15) – Madison, Indiana – tortured and burned to death a 12-y-o girl. (Jan. 11)
1995 – Victoria Dalton – San Antonio, Texas – age 12; murdered 2-yo girl & 5-m-o boy. (Jan. 16)
2001 – Jummai Hassan – Maiduguri, Nigeria – age 13 at time of apprehension, first murder at age 8; confessed to participating in 51 human sacrifice cult killings using “a powder” to kill them. (serial killer)
2001 – Erika de Nardo (16) – Novi Ligure, Piedmont, Italy – Stabbed mother 97 times. – boyfriend (17) accomplice; stabbed mother (41), brother (11) more than 97 times (Feb. 21)
2003 – Sarah Johnson – Bellevue, Idaho – age 16; shot parents to death. (Sep. 2)
2004 – “Girl A” / “Nevada Tan” / “Sabebo Slasher” – Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan – 12; slashed classmate (Satomi Mitarai, 11) with a utility knife, killing her. (Jun. 1)
2004 – Courtney Schulhoff – Altamonte Springs, Florida – age 16; bludgeoned to death her father (Feb. 10)
2005 – Sarah Kolb – East Moline, Il. – age 16 - girl (16) strangled (Jan. 21)
2005 – “East New York Girl” – East New York, Brooklyn, N. Y. – age 9; stabbed 11-y-o girl (Queen Washington) to death with steak knife. (May 31?)
2005 – “Shizuoka Girl” – Shizuoka, Japan – age 16; poisoned mother multiple times; keeping detailed diary of her suffering.
2005 – Holly Sweeney & Stephanie Quesnoy – Lakeview, Oregon – ages 13 & 12; put rat poison in milk of two girls who survived. (Sep. 19)
2005 – Nakisha Waddell & Anastasia Belcher – Wytheville, Virginia – age: each 15 – murdered Wadell’s mother by stabbing her 43 times, then set her corpse on fire. (Jun. 16)
2006 – Jasmine Richardson – Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – age 12; with boyfriend, stabbed to death parents and brother (8). (Apr. 23)
2008 – Keaira Brown - Kansas City, Kansas - age 16 - carjacking, murdered boy (16) (Jul. 23)
2008 – Erin Caffey - Rains County, Texas - age 15 - mother (37), bro. (13), bro. (8) (Mar. 1)
2008 – Melissa Tororovic - Toronto, Ont., Canada - age 15 - girl (14) murdered; by proxy, with male accomplice (Jan. 1)
2009 – Alyssa Bustamante – Cole County, Missouri – age 15; murdered neighbor girl (9), by stabbing, slashing throat and wrists and strangling. (Oct. 21)
2009 – “Sao Paulo Girl”São José do Rio Preto, Brazil – age 17 at time of apprehension; first murder at age 15; confessed to stabbing 30 men to death. (serial killer)
2009 – Lorraine Thorpe – Ipswich, Suffolk, England – age 15; 2 murders. (Aug. 1-9)
2009 – Joanne Witt (47) – El Dorado Hills, Ca. – boyfriend accomplice (19), mother (47) stabbed to death in bed . (Jun. 12) 
2010 – “Sandy Springs girl” – Sandy Springs, Georgia – age 10 (correct age, usually reported as 11); beat to death a 2-year-old girl (Zyda White). (Jan. 18)
2010 – Tasmiyah & Jasmiyah Whitehead – Conyers, Georgia – age 16 (twins); bludgeoned and stabbed mother to death, severing her spine. (Jan. 13)
2011 – “La Perris” (alias) – Medellin, Colombia – age 17 at time of apprehension; assassination for a drug gang; multiple adult deaths presumed; 1 child death; 2 attempts, both with serious injury. (serial killer)
2011 – Amber Wright - Summerfield, Fl. - age 15 - ex-boyfriend (15)
2012 – Cassidy Goodson – Lakeland, Fla. – age 14 – she gave birth to a 9.5-pound boy then strangled him. (Sep. 28)
2012 – Tyaisa Jackson – De Kalb, Georgia – age 13; stabbed 2-y-o half-sister to death, stabbed her in heart 7 times and threw body off balcony. (Nov. 19)
2012 – Kelli Murphy – Fairfield, Maine – age 10; murdered baby, 3-months-old. (Jul. 8)
2012 – Shelia Eddy & Rachel Shoaf – Monongalia County, West Va. – each 16 y-o; stabbed 16-y-o female friend to death. (Jul. 6)
2014 – Lisa Borch – Kvissel, Denmark – age 15; inspired by Islamist terrorism, she stabbed mother 20 times with kitchen knife, killing her. (Oct. 8)
2014 – Morgan Geyser & Anissa Weir – Waukesha,Wisconsin – each aged 12 – stabbed girl (12) 19 times with a 5 inch blade, “1 millimeter from certain death,” survived. "The Slender Man stabbing." (May 31)
2014 – Breeze Macha Henke – Detroit, Michigan – age 17; scalded to death a 1-year-old girl. (Aug. 8)
2015 – Kingstown Girl – Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines – age 12 – stabbed classmate (15) to death. (Jun. 18) 
2014 – “Mundelein Girl” – Mundelein, Illinois – age 14; stabbed 11-y-o half-sister (Dora Bettancourt) 39 times, killing her. (Jan. 21)
2014 – “Sasebo Dissection Girl” – Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan – age 15; murdered and dismembered girl classmate. (Jul. 26)
2014 – “Vinod daughter” – Manjalpur, India – age 16 – with boyfriend (Sapan Purane), drugged then stabbed parents (Srihari Vinod, Sneha), to death. (Aug.)
2015 – Destiny Garcia – Brooklyn, New York, N. Y. – age 15 (possible male accomplice, 15); murdered mother (shot multiple times) and mother’s boyfriend (shot and stabbed); lived several days with corpses; bodies found 8 days after the murders. (Dec. 27)
2015 – Misty Kornegay (15) & Sister (11) – White Springs, Florida – shot brother to death (16). (Jan. 12)
2015 – Jamie Silvonek – Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania – age 14 – plotted with boyfriend to murder parents; mother stabbed to death. (Mar. 15)
2015 – “Wickliffe Girl” – Wickliffe, Ohio – age 11 – beat girl (2) to death. (Feb. 6)
2016 – Kim Edwards – England – age 14; murdered sister (13), boyfriend accomplice.
2016 – Daesh Takfiri Girl – Mosul, Iraq – age 12 – executed 5 women in terrorist event (Mar. 2)
2017 – Gakirah Barnes – Chicago, Illinois – age 14-17; 20 gang murders suspected (died Apr. 11)
2017 – Anna Schroeder – Morrison, Illinois – age 15 – Peggy Schroeder (43), mother, shot to death (Jul. 6)
2017 – Eliza Wasni – Chicago, Il. – age 16 – stabbed to death with stolen knife and machete, Uber driver. (May 30)
2017 – Woodthorpe Teen  – Woodthorpe, York, England – age 15 – allegedly murdered Kate Thorpe (7) – severe slash wounds to neck and chest (Jan. 9)
2018 – Middleton Girl – Baytown, Harris County. Texas – age 6 – strangled brother (1) (May 20)
2018 – Masonique B. Saunders – Columbus, Ohio – age 16 – murder-robbery of boy (16) (Dec. 7)
2018 – Tilden Girl – Tilden, Wi. – age 10 – stomped boy (6 mo.) to death. (Oct. 30)
2019 – Elkview Girl – Elkview, Kanawha County, West Virginia –age 17 – with accomplice, boy (16); murdered 4: (37), (39), (12), (3). (Dec. 13)
2019 – Suitland Girl - Suitland, Maryland – age 11 – kills boy Paxton Davis, (1 yr.). (Feb. 24; died. Feb. 28) 
2020 – Jackson Girl – Jackson, Tenn. – age 10 – att. murder, shot boy (16). (Nov. 17)
2020 – Jersey City Girl – Jersey City, N. J. – age 13 – shot 2 men: (35), died; (24), survived. (Dec. 10)
2020 – Luling Girl – Luling, La. – age 12 – killed brother (6 mo.) (Nov. 15)
2020 – Toledo Girl – Toledo, Ohio – age 16 – shot to death boy (18). (Apr. 27)
2020 – Roksana Panashchuk – Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine – age 16 – with new boyfriend, stabbed to death, ex-lover (68), dismembered body, buried parts in 14 bags. (Jul.)
2020 – Des Moines Girl – Des Moines, Iowa – age 16 – shot man (37) to death. (Jun.)
2020 – Allah Trinidad – Providence, R. I. – age 14 – woman (50) killed. (Jul.)
2020 – San Antonio Girl – San Antonio, Tx. – age 16 – “accidentally” shot to death boy (16) (Jul.)
2021 – “Uber Teen Girl Killers” – 13-year-old girl from Southeast DC, and a 15-year-old girl from Fort Washington, Maryland – Washington, DC – murdered man (66) during carjacking (Mar. 23) 


1885 – Lizzie Lewis – Port Jefferson (Long Island), New York, USA; age 4.

Four-year-old Lizzie had told her mama before that she hated her six-month-old baby sister and that she thought the infant “should be cut up.” One day, when the adults were not around, Lizzie said to her six-year old brother Henry, in her toddle lisp: “Lets till baby, will we?” [sic]. The toddler picked up her papa’s fish-gutting knife and, laughing, clucked to little Henry: “Watch me.” The terror-stricken boy warned his sister, “Don’t hurt her, Lizzie, or she’ll cry.” Then Lizzie plunged the knife into her infant sister’s eye. Henry ran out to get help. Lizzie continued to torture the child, slashing up its face. When the horrified mother arrived the four-year old, proud of her handiwork, announced, “Oh, mamma, dust see baby, all tut up.” [sic]


1892 – Bottoms Girl – Atoka, Kentucky, USA; age 6.

“I've killed the baby, come and get it.” This is what the six-year old daughter had to say for herself after beating her baby sibling’s brains out with a club. It was ten days earlier that she had first attacked the child, “when she mashed the poor little innocent’s finger and toe-nails off with a hatchet.” Following the crime the diminutive killer expressed no regret for her act, but rather was quite open about her homicidal obsession, announcing that she “always intended to kill the baby, and would have done so long ago had she not been watched so closely that she could not.” The witnesses, a fifteen-year-old girl, who discovered the horrible carnage described the girl’s demeanor immediately following the murder as gleeful.


1925 – Alsa Thompson – Los Angeles, California, USA; age 7. She claimed to have murdered her twin baby sisters (with ground glass) and a caretaker (with poison), later retracting these claims. The caretaker’s remains had been cremated and the twin’s bodies were not disinterred. Symptoms preceding the deaths were consistent with the supposed murder method as well as with the death certificate presumptions noted as probable cause of death. Alsa confessed also to several poisonings and other attacks that were corroborated by witnesses.

Long text of Alsa Thompson’s February 4, 1925 confession:

“I poisoned my baby sisters by feeding them ground glass in some breakfast food. They died in a few days after I gave them in the glass. I put ant paste in food that was to be given Miss Nettie Steele of 276 South Avenue Fifty-two because I wanted to see her die. She lived about two weeks. I put acid in the food at the Platts home because I wanted to kill them. I don’t know I did it. I might do it again, some time.”

This is what the little child told the tree questioning men at the psychopathic ward and then she repeated her story later to Chief Dept. Dist.-Atty. Buron Fitts yesterday afternoon. She has told the same story since her arrest by Policewoman Feeley from the Hollywood Police Station two days ago.

Going to the details of the various poisonings which she declares she planned, Alsa told Judge Gates and the doctors that she was unable to state when she first thought of poisoning her little twin sisters, 2 years of age.

“I was while papa was living with mama and we were all in Canada,” Alsa said. “I had two sisters then and they were 2 years old. They were twins. One was named Mildred and the other Muriel. They were pretty little girls and I used to play with them.

“One morning before breakfast I took a little glass jar from the kitchen and smashed it upon the sidewalk in the front of the house. I picked up the little pieces and put them in some corn flakes and milk that mama had fixed for the twins. I watched them eat it and then went out to play.”

“Why didn’t you stay in the house,” asked Judge Gates.

“Well, you see I was afraid that mother find the glass and scold me about it.”

“My sisters died a few days after they were sick, but I could hear them crying. They had a lot of doctors around the house. When they died I cried, too, and everybody else cried. I felt sorry after they were dead.”

“If you felt sorry after your little sisters were dead why did you let them eat the glass?” This question was put by one of the doctors.

“I was sorry after they were dead, but I wasn’t sorry while they were sick. I used to hear them crying and I wasn’t sorry then.

“After we came to Los Angeles I went to live with Mrs. Steele. I didn’t like her daughter because the little next door kept stealing my toys and then Mrs. Steele would scold me. I made up my mind to poison her and so put some ant paste in her food. She got pretty sick and after a while she died. It was after that that they moved me over to Mrs. Platt’s house on on McCadden Place.

“Mrs. Platt has a little girl, Lorraine, and my little Maxine went over there with me. A friend of Mrs. Platts put a radio in the house and he told me never to touch the battery because it was poison. My mother told me once never to play with glass and never to put it in my mouth because if I swallowed any of it I would die. Mrs. Steele told me not to play with the ant paste, because it was poison. That’s how I knew that if I made my sisters eat the glass they would die and that’s why, I put the ant paste in Mrs. Steele’s food.

“Well, I got up late one night and dipped some of the acid out of the battery with a little toy spoon. I put the poison in the can and the next day put some of it in their coffee. I didn’t drink any of the coffee, but everybody else did and they all got sick. I left some of it in the can and the next day put some of it in the coffee. I didn’t drink any of the coffee, but everybody else did and they all got sick. I left some of it in the can and hid it and after a while I fed some of it to Maxine with a spoon. She got pretty sick.

“A couple of nights after the first time I took the acid out of the battery, I got some more and put it on the lamb chops. Everybody got sick again but me, because I didn’t take any of the stuff. After a while I thought that I would cut my little sister’s wrists with a butcher-knife that Mrs. Platts had sharpened, but after I got Maxine into the bathroom and had taken the knife from the drawer, I heard Mrs. Platts coming, so I ran away.

“After I had used the acid for a while I thought of the ant paste and took some of that form a kitchen shelf and spread it around on the food. Everybody got sick again and called a doctor. At last, Mrs. Platts asked me about it, and I told her and then they had me arrested.”

Alsa told her story without much prompting from the judge or the doctors. A few questions by Judge Gates regarding each attempt to poison some one was enough to start the child telling the details of her various plans. She seemed to be clear in all of her details of her various plans. She seemed to be clear in all of her details and even remembered how the victims acted.

“I guess I liked to see them suffer.”

This was about the only explanation for her actions yesterday.

The remarkable part of the child’s grewsome account was the care which she told of taking to hide her operations and then naïve statement that she told Mrs. Platts “because she asked me about it.

Pressed for a reason for her actions Alsa could give none for the poisoning of her twin sisters except that she “liked to see them suffer.” Miss Steele died, she stated, because she “was cross with me.” The attempted poisoning of the Platts family was not explained. “Mrs. Platts was always good to me,” the child said.

[Excerpted from: “Alsa Calm In Confession – Shows No Fear or Remorse in Monstrous Tale of Death Plot Against Twin Sisters,” The Los Angeles Times (Ca.), Feb. 5, 1925, p. 5]


1867 – Martin Girl – Cassville, Barry County, South Carolina, USA; age 8.

She said she killed her brother “because he pulled her flowers and declared “if the other children pulled any more of them, she would shoot them too.”


1884 – Annie Bebles – Tarheel, North Carolina – age 9.

“A 9-year-old girl named Annie Bebies murdered her 5-year-old sister at Tarheel, in Bladen County, to-night. After beating her victim to death with a stick, the young murderer threw the body into a creek near the scene of the crime. The reason for committing the fiendish act was that the murdered girl ate the food given to her. The girl said she had to work for her living and her sister ought to do the same.”


1887 – Axey Cherry – Allendale, South Carolina – age 11.

11-year old Azey Cherry was employed by the Williams family of Barnwell, South Carolina, to help with house work, but “poked around the house and attended to her duties in so negligent a manner that she had to be constantly scolded. After a scolding one day she was overheard muttering to herself that she was not going to bother with that baby much more. A few days after this, concentrated lye was used in scouring the floor, and when Mrs. Williams left the room for a few minutes she told Axey that the lye was poisonous and that she must not touch it. On her return, Mrs. Williams was horrified to find her baby’s mouth full of concentrated lye. Axey ran out of the house saying as she left:

‘I don’t reckon I’ll have to nurse that baby much longer now.’”

The baby died.

1968 – Mary BellScotswood, England; age 11.

Mary Bell committed two strangling murders, seriously injured another chiold by pushing him off an elevation and was interrupted multiple times in the midst of strangling other children.

“I like hurting people.”

“Brian Howe had no mother, so he won’t be missed.”

“If I was a judge and I had an eleven-year-old who’d done this, I’d give her eighteen months. Murder isn’t that bad, we all die sometime anyway.”

Norma, Mary's 13-year-old best friend, who took part in the second murder, stated that Mary told her: “I squeezed his neck and pushed up his lungs that’s how you kill them. Keep your nose dry and don’t tell anybody.”

“Oh, I know he’s dead, I wanted to see him in his coffin,” Mary said to the mother of the child she murdered.


• 1886 – “Marie Schneider” – Berlin, Germany – age 12; robbed 4-year-old girl of earrings and threw her out of a fourth story window, killing her. (Jul. 9)

EXCERPT FROM CONFESSION: “I left little Margarete on the stairs, and there I found her again. From the yard I saw that the second-floor window was half open. I went with her up the stairs to the second floor to take away the ear-rings, and then to throw her out of the window. I wanted to kill her, because I was afraid that she would betray me. She could not talk very well, but she could point to me; and if it came out, my mother would have beaten me. I went with her to the window, opened it wide, and set her on the ledge. Then I heard some one coming down. I quickly put the child on the ground and shut the window. The man went by without noticing us. Then I opened the window and put the child on the ledge, with her feet hanging out, and her face turned away from me. I did that because I did not want to look in her face, and because I could push her easier. I pulled the ear-rings out. Grete began to cry because I hurt her. When I threatened to throw her out of the window she became quiet. I took the ear-rings and put them in my pocket. Then I gave the child a shove, and heard her strike the lamp and then the pavement. Then I quickly ran downstairs to go on the errand my mother had sent me. I knew that I should kill the child. I did not reflect that little Grete’s parents would be sorry. It did not hurt me; I was not sorry; I was not sorry all the time I was in prison; I am not sorry now.”

• 1956 – Patricia Corcoran – Oakland, California – age 12; murdered aunt with an axe and butcher knife. (Oct. 4)

The girl, Patricia Corcoran, told police she also intended to kill her uncle but added:
“When I saw him I just couldn’t do it.”
In confessing the murder of her aunt, Mrs. Lavern Bruce, 44, Patricia said:
“I murdered her. I must be crazy.”

[“12-Year-Old Tells Police How She Killed Aunt,” Corsicana Daily Sun (Tx.), Oct. 5, 1956, p. 1]
2006 – Jasmine Richardson – Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – age 12; with boyfriend, stabbed to death parents and brother (8). (Apr. 23)

“I have this plan. It begins with me killing them and ends with me living with you.”

“[I]t was Richardson, who, after hearing her eight year old brother plead, “I’m scared. I’m too young to die,” plunged a knife into his chest. The boyfriend followed that by cutting the boy’s throat. The couple murdered her parents in another room of the house. [Paul Elam, “Murderess Jasmine Richardson attends Mount Royal University,” A Voice for Men, Sep. 14, 2011]

2014 – Morgan Geyser & Anissa Weir – Waukesha,Wisconsin – each aged 12 – stabbed girl (12) 19 times with a 5 inch blade, “1 millimeter from certain death,” survived; “The Slender Man Stabbing.” (May 31)

Morgan Geyser (12): “People that trust you are very gullible.” “It was weird that I didn’t feel remorse.”

Anissa Weir (12): “The bad part of me wanted her to die; the good part of me wanted her to live.”


1881 – Margaret Messenger – Cumberland, England – age 13 at time of first murder, 14 when arrested.

14-year-old Margaret Messenger laid an infant face downward in a boggy place, placed a stone upon its head, and so suffocated it.  She even confessed later on that she had herself killed the baby alone and unaided. At the time of committing the crime she was only 13, and had but just attained her 14th year when brought to trial. She also confessed that she had murdered another child of the same family – the little boy who was drowned in the well a short time before – having purposely thrown him in, The idea occurred to her, to quote her own words, as she was chopping sticks in the yard and she took him to the well and drowned him. [edited from linked source]

“The idea occurred to her,” to quote her own words, “as she was chopping sticks in the yard and she took him to the well and drowned him.”

1903 – Nellie Kinsley – Corning, New York, USA; age 13.

Nellie was adopted by the Kinsleys of Corning, New York at the age of two. When she was thirteen the child cooked up a scheme to get rich quick. But she had a big mouth and got caught.

“Do you know how to get money and houses and everything you want?” she asked her playmates while her parents were ill. “When your father and mother are dead all they own will belong to you. I found that out a little while ago, and I took some of the rat poison papa got to kill the rats with and put it in the supper I cooked. I did not eat the supper, but papa and mamma did and then they got sick, if they die I will have money.”

Both victims survived the murder attempt, but the step-mother was injured by the poisoning so badly that she was thought to have been probably crippled for life.

1905 – Josephine Carr – Toronto, Canada – age 13.

Josephine Carr was in the habit of stealing baby carriages. One day she ran off with one containing a baby. Not sure what to do about it she deciding that murdering the infant would solve everything. She got caught. She told one story about throwing the child off a bridge.

“Then I got frightened,” she said. “I was afraid papa would be mad, so I threw it over the embankment.”

But the autopsy showed that it was probable than Nellie took the child and pushed its face into the mud drowning it in shallow water.

1919 – Frances Sulinski – Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA; 13.

“I waited my chance. Thursday afternoon Mrs Kramer went out into the yard to fix some clothes. A moment before she had been in the kitchen, where the nurse and I were, and had told us she was going to the market with some eggs. I thought she had gone. I went upstairs. The child. Solomon – oh, yes; I loved him – was asleep. I waked him up. I took down the bottle of lysol. I said to the little fellow. “Here! Take some cough medicine.’ Then I poured it in his mouth. When he screamed I became frightened am! knew I had done wrong. I ran out of the room. But as I ran out I met Mrs. Kramer who had heard the child cry. She ran in and returned a moment later declaring the child had been poisoned. It was my idea that it would appear that the boy got the poison by mistake Then the nurse would have been blamed. When I saw that this might not work I poured some of the lysol in the teapot. You know they have a habit in thjat house of making tea and letting it stand and then adding hot water to the strong tea.”


1870 – Catharine Hummel – Douglass Township, Pennsylvania – age 14.

After murdering baby Frances, only a few months old, Catherine Hummell, the nurse girl charged wity caring for the infant, ran out of the house to where her victims’ parents were working and announced that “Francis has the knife in his hand, he cut himself and will die.”

What was sone to the baby: “Dr. Rhoads made a post mortem examination of the body and found the throat cut from ear to ear. The wind pipe was divided completely, the right carotid artery and jugular veins were also cut, and death must have occurred almost immediately from hemorrhage. The knife used was a common butcher knife with a thick blade and extremely dull, so that the girl must have used considerable force in accomplishing the monstrous crime.”

1892 – Ella Holdridge – Tonawanda, New York, USA; age 14.

Ella Holdrige observed, concerning a poackage of rat poison she was considering put to use that: “If it killed rats and mice it would kill children.” Ella seems to have succeeded in only one of the several murders she attempted. Her motive was a bit unusual. For, you see, little Ella got her kicks from the pomp and drama of funerals. She was, one might say, addicted to them.

“The frightful death of Louisa Stormer, and the severe illness of five or six other children of Tonawanda, has brought to light the fact that 14-year-old Ella Holdridge is a murderess. Her frightful crime is the result of a morbid desire to see death scenes enacted. She was attended every funeral that has occurred in the neighborhood for several years past. Funerals have been infrequent hereabouts lately. Ella, it seems, took upon herself the duty of supplying subjects. She administered rat poison to several pupils of Father Baker’s institution at Limestone Hill. They suffered frightfully while she stood by and coolly awaited the coming of death. The helpless little ones ran shrieking from her presence. Medical aid was summoned and her lives were saved.”

Of Louisa Stormer, the girl she did succeed in murdering with rat poison, Ella Holdridge said, “made the prettiest corpse ever put under New York soil.” “Yes, she’s dead. Poor Louisa! But she looked awful pretty, and her funeral was awful nice.”

1894 – “Novgorod Teenage Serial Killer Nurse”Novgorod, Russia; age 14.

She confessed to murdering 17 babies “because they bothered her, and she disliked the trouble of attending to them.”

A newspaper report: “A terrible confession has been made by a 14-year-old nurse girl at Novgorod, in Russia, one revealing quite a phenomenal and cold-blooded development of a passion to murder on the part of a mere child. The girl was arrested on suspicion of having caused the death of a baby she was nursing, and confessed to the police that she had killed seventeen children, “because they bothered her, and she disliked the trouble of attending to them.” The murders were carried out with great cunning, the girl not exciting the least suspicion, until the death occurred for which she was arrested, although her path from house to house was marked by the hand of death, and infant after infant placed in her charged sickened and died.”

1906 – Jennie Ruth Burch – Carmel, New York – age 14; nurse girl; poisoned 3-y-o boy, killing him. (Sep. 21)

Jennie Ruth Burch, 14-year-old,  poisoned 3-year-old Wilbur Winship, killing him.

Excerpt from Jennie’s confession:

Then I carried out my plan. I poured some strychnine from the bottle upon the cotton. The bottle I threw on the ground, covering it with some grass and dead leaves. With the cotton in my hand I started for the house. On the way there Wilbur ran out to meet me. He pointed to the big red peach in my hand, and walked with me to the house, trying with his little hand to pry the peach out of my strong one. We went into the house I found Mrs. Winship sitting at a table, reading. She looked at me coldly and dropped her eyes upon her book without a word.

“Wilbur wants some of the peach. May I give him some of it?” I asked

“Yes,” she said, “if it is ripe.”

My chance had come. Wilbur followed me to the table, and I went and sat down directly opposite his mother peeled the peach in plain sight of Mrs Winship. She didn’t notice us. I stopped for a minute after I had peeled the peach and looked at her. I quickly lifted up the tablecloth. The cotton was damp and dark with the iodine. I was afraid Mrs. Winship should smell it, but she bent her head over her book. Holding the tablecloth up a little, so that Mrs Winship could not see if she turned round suddenly, I rubbed the iodine and strychnine sprinkled cotton on the peach. I handed Wilbur a piece of it and ate the rest myself.

I watched him eat every morsel of it. Then I put him into his little rocking chair and left the room. Going to the kitchen stove I threw the cotton into it and watched it out. I hurried out on the porch and threw the peach pit into the high grass in the yard.

Almost as soon as I went back the baby was then sick. He twisted his poor little body and cried as though he was in terrible pain. I almost cried, too, but at that Winship telephoned for the doctor and put us both to bed. I lay there and waited and waited. I wanted to hear that the baby had gone. In a little while I heard his screams and I twisted the bedclothes and cried because he was in agony. The screams stopped, and the doctor, coming to my door, said. “Wilber is dead.”


1874 – Henrietta WeibelNew York, N. Y., USA – age 15 (13?) at time of apprehension. (1 death & 1 attempt)

Fifteen-year-old Henrietta Weibel murdered one baby by burning it to death and attempted to repeat the scenario with another infant victim. She stated she had a mania for setting fires and burning babies.

An interview with a newspaper reporter resulted in the following revelations:
“Henrietta,” queried the writer, “is it true that you tried to burn a baby at West Farms?”
“Yes, sir,” was the prompt and apparently ingenious reply.
“What could have prompted you to attempt such a wicked deed?”
“I don’t know, sir; something told me to do it.”
“Would you not have been sorry had you succeeded in killing the child?”
“No, sir, I don’t know that I would.”
“Then you don’t seem to like babies?”
“No, sir.”
“Was that the first time you ever tried to burn a child?”
“No, sir. When I was living with Mrs. Kinney, at Tarrytown, I had a mind to set fire to the baby, but I didn’t do it.”

1906 – Lillian B. Thornman – York, Pennsylvania, USA; age 15.

A news report: “Lillian B. Thorman, a thirteen-year-old girl, today fatally burned the three-year-old child of Robert Dorsey of this city.

“The girl, who was employed to do light work around the house literally fried the child was writhing and screaming in its agony an aunt entered the room and rescued it, but the child had been roasted from head to foot and cannot live.

“The servant girl in jail tonight confessed that she had fatally burned three other children in a similar manner, giving their parents the impression that they had fallen on the stove accidentally while climbing to reach something.

“With a mania for burning children when they are bad, because, as she says, “I am a devil and will burn them,” Lillian Thornman, a 13-year-old colored girl, knocked upon a red hot stove a two-year-old daughter of Robert Dorsey, also colored, and for several seconds calmly watched her struggle to get off the stove and away from the boiler of hot water, which was poured over her body as she alighted on the stove. Another girl then ran in from the yard and saved the child from further injury. This was the Thornman girl’s third victim. A year ago she set Esther Louise Harris, aged three years, on a red hot stove and hold her fast until she made the statement that she was a devil.”

With a mania for burning children when they are bad, because, as she says, “I am a devil and will burn them.” “I did it because I have the devil in me.”

1954 – Juliet Marion Hulme &Pauline Yvonne Parker – Christschurch, New Zealand; ages 15, 16.

Diary entries:

Entry 20/6 was: — “Afterward we discussed our plans for murdering mother and made them clear, but peculiarly enough I have no qualms of conscience — or is it peculiar.”
The last entry, dated 21/6 was: — “Deborah rang and we discussed a brick in a stocking, instead of a sandbag. Mother has fallen in with the plans beautifully. Feel quite keyed up.”
Entry 22/6 (date of alleged murder) was: — “I felt very excited last night and sort of nightbeforeChristmassy, but I did not have pleasant dreams.”

2009 – Alyssa Bustamante – Cole County, Missouri – age 15; murdered neighbor girl (9), by stabbing, slashing throat and wrists and strangling. (Oct. 21)

‘I just f***ing killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead. I don’t know how to feel atm [at the moment]. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the "ohmygawd I can’t do this" feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church’

• 2014 – “Sasebo Dissection Girl” – Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan – age 15; murdered and dismembered girl classmate (Jul. 26)

“I wanted to kill someone. I bought tools by myself.”

“I told her [the victim] that I wanted to see her and asked her to come. I came home with her so I could kill her.”

• 2014 – Lisa Borch – Kvissel, Denmark – age 15; inspired by Islamist terrorism, she stabbed mother 20 times with kitchen knife, killing her (Oct. 8)

“I heard my mother scream and I looked out the window and saw a white man running away. Please come here, there is blood everywhere.” (the murderess’s report to the police).


1890 – Mary Metzdorf – Baltimore, Maryland, USA; age 16.

“Mary Metzdorf confessed this morning to having poisoned Miss Louise Broadwaters, her little brother James, and her mother, Catharine. She said she put arsenic in the coffee ‘just for fun.’ Though not quite 17 years old, she bears herself like a hardened criminal. Miss Broadwaters died almost immediately after drinking the coffee, and James, her 6-year-old brother, expired last night. Mrs. Broadwaters, the third victim, is still in a critical condition. It is now probable that she will also died.”


1867 – Elizabeth Wheeldon – Shirland Delves, near Alfreton, Derby, England – age 17.

Elizabeth Wheeldon poisoned two children of her at employer on different occasions so that she would have less work to do.

The Coroner then reviewed the evidence at some length, remarking that there was no doubt the servant girl knew where the poison was kept, and they would have to consider her conduct throughout both illnesses, and also the fact that when she was asked if she was not sorry the children were dead, she said “No; I shall have less work to do.”

1928 – Erna Janoschek – Oakland, California, USA; age 17.

“I strangled the baby because I felt her mother wasn’t supporting me in managing her other child, and because I felt they were working me too hard — At this point the girl interrupted her explanation to laugh. “I have to laugh when the impulse comes over me,” she said. “When things like this happen I have to laugh.” 


1911 – Clementine Barnabet (Bernebet) – Lafayette, Louisiana, USA; age 18.

Clementine was an 18-year-old priestess in a voodoo-derived human sacrifice cult. She lad her group on a months long campaign of axe-murders. With her own hands she murdered seventeen persons, but she oversaw many more gruesome murders in which the victims were ritually dismembered. Her cult targeted families in their homes, never individuals.

In court she boasted: “I killed them all, men, women and babies, and I hugged the babies to my breast. But I am not guilty of murder.”

“We weren’t afraid of being arrested because I carried a ‘voodoo,’ which protected us from all punishment.”




























[8025-8/22/18; 9063-5/18/19; 9910-1/19/20]


  1. You should add Daphne Abdela who in 1997 at the age of 15 was convicted of a brutal murder in Central Park, New York, where she and Christopher Vasquez stabbed and gutted a man.

    1. Also Constance Kent who was 16 when she murdered her 2 year old half brother at Rode House, England in the mid 1800s

  2. Will you upgrade the list because there are many more new female killers

  3. Will you add this murder Cases to your blog??? It's a new case that happened recently about a girl who beat his brother to death.