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Dora Bullock Frost, Texas Serial Killer – 1935

The outcome of the case has not been determined. Houston papers are not accessible digitally as of yet,.


FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 4): Houston, Jan. 23. – Mrs. Dora Bullock Frost, 46-year-old cafe proprietor and mother of nine children, and George Washington Frost, 40, her estranged husband, faced murder charges today in connection with the alleged poison death of Woodrow Wilson Bullock, the woman's 17-year-old son.

Deaths of Mrs. Frost's former husband, John Bullock, 43; Vernon Bullock, 10 months old, and Leola Bullock, 10, still are being investigated.

Vernon died July 16, 1932; Bullock, March 2, 1934; Woodrow, June 1, 1934; Leola [error, correct name is Lee Lola], January 1.

All were insured, the policies totaling $4515. Nearly all of the insurance has been collected by Mrs. Frost.

Frost formerly sold insurance.

A report from City Chemist Ida Levinson Tuesday declared the viscera of Woodrow showed poison. Definite traces of poison also have been, found in the viscera of Mr. Bullock and Leola [Lee Lola], investigators say.

The couple was arrested Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frost were married about three months after the death of Bullock and shortly after Woodrow died.

Frost said he was fired from the insurance job when he did not turn in the $10 premium on Woodrow’s policy until the morning alter the boy died. He also wrote a $100 policy on Rosalie Bullock, 14-year old daughter of Mrs. Frost.

[“Mother Held In Son’s Death,” San Antonio Light (Tx.), Jan. 23, 1935, p. 3-A]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 4): Houston Texas, Jan. 30 – Investigators attempted to trace additional poison purchase to Mrs. Dora Bullock Frost today to bolster indictments charging her and her estranged second husband, George Frost, with murdering her first husband and three children.

Tom Harris, assistant district attorney, announced when the indictments were returned yesterday that a purchase of poison at a Houston drug store had been traced to the 46 years old woman.

Frost, a former insurance agent, was said by Harris to have turned in a premium on an insurance policy on the life of one of the children after the child died. Harris said Mrs. Frost was beneficiary under insurance policies on the lives of the four children who died. He said poison had been found in the bodies.

[“Tracing Poison In 4 ‘Insurance Death’ Killings.” (AP), Jan. 30, 1935, p. 5]


FULL TEXT (Article 3 of 4): George Washington Frost, 40 (top), and Mrs. Dora Bullock Frost, 46 (bottom), of Houston, Tex., were charged with murder in the alleged poison death of Woodrow Wilson Bullock, the woman's 17-year-old son.

[“Held in Boy’s Death,” (AP), The Big Spring Daily Herald (Tx.), Feb. 3 1935, p. 2]


FULL TEXT (Article 4 of 4): Houston. Tex., July 20. – Mrs. Dora Bullock Frost, charged with murdering her first husband and three children by poisoning them, disappeared late yesterday from a Houston hospital where she was taken after she assertedly voiced the opinion that she had been poisoned by some cream she had eaten.

Mrs. Frost, awaiting trial on the murder indictments, is free under $500 bail.

Walter Sullivan, ambulance driver, said he went to a Summer street residence in response to a call from a woman that “someone has been poisoned here.”

“I went into the house,” Sullivan said. “A woman was lying on the bed whom I recognized as Mrs. Frost.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she groaned. “It must have been some ice cream I ate. I think I have been poisoned.”

Sullivan said he rushed the woman to the Jefferson Davis Hospital, where she was given first aid in the emergency room.

After the treatment, the attendants placed an ice bag on her abdomen and turned momentarily to other cases. Nurses said another woman came in, assisted the sick woman to get to her feet and the two disappeared. At the Summer street residence it was reported today that “Mrs. Bullock is all right.”

[“Woman Charged In Poison Deaths Ill – Mrs. Bullock Frost Says Dish of Ice Cream Was Poisoned.” The Galveston Daily News (Tx.), Jul. 21, 1935, p. 10]


July 16, 1932 – Vernon Bullock, 10 months old, died.
Jan. 1, 1933 – Leola (Lee Lola) Bullock, 10, died.
March 2, 1934 – John Bullock, 43, former husband, died.
June 1, 1934 – Woodrow Wilson Bullock, son, 17, died.


NOTE: The correction of the erroneous spelling "Lelola" to "Lee Lola" was supplied by a commenter who has done detailed research on the case.







  1. Just did some research on historical child murder/abuse cases, and I found out that Leola Bullock's birth name is Lee Lola, not Leola.

  2. My name is Allie Wells. I have possession of a photo of Woodrow.
    My Grandmother Lula James, survived the maddness and always missed her brother.

  3. My grandmother was Rosalie Bullock, 14-year old daughter of Mrs. Frost.
    Seems like she was going to be the next victim. None of us including my mother, Rosalie's daughter, had even heard this story until about 2 years ago. My grandmother Rosalie was one of the kindest, caring people you could ever meet.