Friday, September 30, 2011

The Free Men Project

The Free Men Project: Rejecting the “Good Men” Paradigm

The “Good Man” is obedient, conformist, lacks curiosity, believes “ignorance is bliss,” and is easily manipulated. The good man is, to put it simply: a chump, a mark, a target, a sucker.

The Free Man refuses slavery in all its forms, stands up for his rights and for the human rights of all. He educates himself and escapes to be manipulation, shackling, robbery, extortion, false accusations and caging. Above all, the free men of The Free Men Project actively fight against Misandry in all its forms.


Here are four inspiring historical examples of men who decided to fight for their rights and become Free Men:


This informal, decentralized, self-directed “project” includes the following prominent websites (as well as hundreds of others):


James Welch, “the father who would not give up,”  was shackled by the “officials.”

Yet he publicly fought for his natural parental rights – against all odds – and won.


The Men’s Rights Movement espouses the forbidden notion that

men’s rights are human rights.


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