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13-Year-Old Nigerian Girl, Jummai Hassan, Confesses to Series of Ritual Murders - 2001

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Kano, Nigeria - A 13-year-old girl has been arrested [on July 17] in northeast Nigeria over the ritual-linked killings of 51 people, including her father, police said on Friday.

Jummai Hassan, a pupil at an army college, was arrested on July 17 in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, over the disappearance of a two-year-old boy, Borno State Police Commissioner Bello Uba Ringim told a radio station monitored here.

The girl, detained in Maiduguri, also spoke to the radio and said she was a member of a cult led by one ‘Emmanuel’.

“He is our initiator. We do what he says,” she said, speaking in the Hausa language used across northern Nigeria.

~ ‘My spirit is away’ ~

She said she travelled by “spirit” means from the northeastern city to the southern city of Lagos to attend the cult meetings.

“My body is here but my spirit is away. We go by our spirits but interact as normal human beings,” she said.

“We attend meetings at a church in Lagos at night where instructions are given to us as to which parts of the human body to take,” the girl went on.

“We always use a powder to kill. Once we apply it on a person, he dies and we take away his heart,” she said.

She said she had killed her father because he was an “obstruction”, stopping her from taking the life of her grandmother.

The police chief, in the course of the same interview, said that in the course of investigations the girl had confessed to killing the boy and 50 other people.

~ Burning down a house ~

“During investigations, she confessed to being a member of a cult based in Lagos and that she has killed 51 people, including her father, since she was initiated seven years ago,” he said on state-run Radio Kaduna.

The police chief said that the girl had been arrested in the past for burning down a woman’s house, quarrelling with her mother and throwing a girl into a ditch, the police chief said.

But each time she was taken to court, she escaped conviction, he said.

The alert about the killings came when the two-year-old boy Ibro Joseph went missing earlier this month, he said.

When police started investigating they were told by local residents that the boy had last been seen with Hassan.

“She confessed that she killed and buried him. She took us to a grave where the body was exhumed,” Ringim said. “Surprisingly, there was no sign of any use of force to murder him.”

[“‘Witch’, 13, up for dozens dead,” South African Press Association (Johannesburg, South Africa), Jul. 17, 2001]

FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2]: Following startling revelations by a 13-year-old female student Jummai Hassan, of her role in the ritual murder of 48 people, the police in Maiduguri, Borno State have exhumed the body of a boy believed to be one of their latest victims. Jummai, a student of Maimalari Government Secondary School, Maiduguri had confessed to participating in the heinous crime for about seven years. The police reported on Wednesday that she had embarked on hunger strike in custody.

[“Nigeria: Ritual Murder: Borno Police Exhume Body of Victim,” The Guardian (Lagos) Jul. 27, 2001]


NOTE: Reports of the outcome of this investigation have not yet been located. It is possible that part or all of the confession of murder(s) is fictitious. Yet it must be kept in mind that child criminals who are guilty will frequently embellish the story of their crime with fantastical elements.


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  1. I seriously cannot imagine what the link is between a Nigerian girl - obviously very deranged and presumably because of extensive abuse - has to do with 'misandry'! Her victims were not males, chosen because they were males. Even if they were this child was 13, and lives in a country where women and girls have little status.
    Really, showing females who kill hardly proves that there is a conspiracy against men!

    1. This post is one from a larger collection of posts documenting violence by women that has been under-represented in criminological literature in part due to "gender" ideologues and their counter-scientific tactics. If you wish to lean more about what you -- using an inaccurate, yet trendy, term, "conspiracy" -- refer to, specifically misandry (whether ideological or non-ideological) you can get a some instruction from the collection (see sidebar) called Misandric Fixation. The notion in fashion right now that is called "toxic masculinity" gets its traction in large part from the distorted and inaccurate claims made by academic gender ideologues, thus the nascent study of Violence by Women, is, in actuality, the cutting edge of "Women's Studies." The work has hardly even begun.

      Look up "Death on the Baby Farm" on google to get an inkling of how much history there is to be recovered, restored, disseminated -- and newly interpreted -- facts distorted or left out of historical narratives put forth by the ideologically orthodox social constructivist academics.