Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Borrowed Baby Alimony Hoax - 1909

FULL TEXT: BELLINGHAM, Wash., Feb. 5. – Because she had no child as the issue of her marriage with William Welch, and wished to secure alimony from him, Mrs. Cora Welch, plaintiff in a divorce suit borrowed a baby from an orphanage in Georgetown, Wash., and attempted to palm it off on her husband and the court as her own child, born in wedlock. This was the startling testimony given today in the divorce suit of Welch vs. Welch in Judge Hardin’s department of the Whatcom County Superior Court. As a result of the showing made, the divorce for which the wife asked was denied, and the husband was granted a decree.

The principal witness was the matron of the orphanage, who testified that Mrs. Welch had secured the child in the case from her, ostensibly for the purpose of adopting it. When she first filed the complaint Mrs. Welch secured $400 suit money, telling the court that she was soon to become a mother. She then went to Georgetown and came back with a baby, which she attempted to pass off as her own.

[“Baby Is Borrowed To Get Alimony – Fraud Discovered and Man, Not Wife, Gets Decree. – Startling Testimony Brought Out in Divorce Case at Georgetown, Wa.” Morning Oregonian (Portland, Or.), Feb. 6, 1909, p. 1; (the photo is from an unrelated source)]


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