Monday, September 19, 2011

Twenty Norweigan Serial Killers of Infants - 1902

This is the only report of this case that has turned up so far in English-language newspaper databases. Of the twenty child care providers (baby farmers) on trial, some – probably the vast majority – would have been women.

FULL TEXT: Christiania, July 5. – Ibsen’s well-known saying that Christiania [presently called Oslo] was the wickedest capital in Europe is borne out by a monster trial against some twenty keepers of baby farms, where wholesale murder of infants has been going on for the last ten or fifteen years. Several of these baby farms had private cemeteries in gardens and fields, where the remains of a small army of tiny corpses were dug up.

[“Christiania The Wickedest Capital in All Europe,” The Atlanta Constitution (Ga.), Jul. 6, 1902, p. 16]


For more cases of “Baby Farmers,” professional child care providers who murdered children see The Forgotten Serial Killers.


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