Sunday, September 18, 2011

Violence by Women Exposed: The Prenzlau Step-Mother from Hell – Germany, 1903

NOTE: Theories taught in school about violence are full of fallacies. The gender ideologues have tried to convince the public that sadistic sociopaths of the female sex are rare and inconsequential. Such academic fraud is dangerous and prevents the mental development of the students deceived by the ideologues.


FULL TEXT: Another shocking case of fatal cruelty to a child was tried at Prenzlau, Germany, on October 13, resulting in a sentence of ten years’ detention in a penitentiary of heartless stepmother who tortured her five-year-old step-daughter to death.

The woman married a working man, who was a widower with four children. The youngest of them, named Frieda, inspired her with fiendish hate.

Last May, after many merciless beating administered daily, the child became ill. Her stepmother, however, compelled her to leave her bed, with the result that she fell helpless to the floor. The woman bound her feet together with a rope and hanged her to a nail on the store. As the child’s cries of pain increased the stepmother pulled her down and hurled her roughly upon a bed, repeating this act until the girl became almost unconscious from fear and suffering. Then the stepmother ordered her to place herself on the hot stove. As the child was unable to comply the woman bound the child fast to the bedposts. The little one died the same night in fearful agony, having been severely beaten with a club only a few minutes before.

The post-mortem showed that the child had undergone systematic torture. Several ribs were broken and the body was a mass of ugly wounds. The stomach indicated starvation.

[Five-Years-Old Child Terribly Tortured.” The Auckland Star (New Zealand), Nov. 21, 1903, p. 5]


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