Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dr. Vernon P. Cooley, Early Anti-Misandry Activist - 1927

FULL TEXT: Chicago.—(AP)—Fifty men and women have become charter members of a formal club here to “stop profiteering in alimony.”

The Chicago Alimony Club is the organization and Dr. Vernon P. Cooley, Chicago dentist, is president. The members hold that most alimony payments are unjust.

The club’s announced aim is to “promote legislation, create public sentiment and aid in litigation to stop gold digging” and to prevent what the members call abuses of the alimony principle.

[“Alimony Payers Band to Blight ‘Gold Digging,’” syndicated (AP), Pampa Daily News (Tx.), Aug. 20, 1927, p. 12]


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