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Erna Warz, Berlin Black Widow - 1924

FULL TEXT: London, March 26. – The Berlin correspondent of the “Daily Telegraph” wires that the wife of a superior official of the Law Courts was arrested on suspicion of murdering two husbands, a mother-in-law and a brother-in-law.

It is alleged that as a result of the death of the first husband, his mother and the accused woman inherited the family’s wealth. She was only 32 when she first entered the family as a nurse. A doctor gave certificates of death on her testimony from natural causes or suicide.

[“Murdered Husbands - Case Against Berlin Law Official’s Wife.” The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland, Australia), Mar. 27, 1924, p. 7]


NOTE: Many articles on the arrest fail to name the woman, yet she is identified as Erna Warz in the New York Times of Mar. 25, 1924.

FULL TEXT: Berlin, March 24. – A woman has been arrested here, charged with four murders and the forging of a will. Her victims are said to have been her first and second husbands, her first mother-in-law and the brother of her first husband.

Erna Warz, the accused woman, was a nurse, and in that capacity she attended Heinrich Koerner, a merchant, who married her and took her to his mother’s home. Soon afterward Koerner’s mother died suddenly, and a little later Koerner himself died. His brother George inherited all his money. Two months later George was found dead. In his desk a will was discovered, leaving his property to his sister-in-law, the woman now accused. She then married an engineer named Frenzel, who was found shot through the heart two months later and left her a comfortable fortune. Thereupon she married a third time.

Meanwhile the Koerner family instituted legal proceedings to recover the money left in George Koerner’s will to his sister-in-law, and in the course of these proceedings she confessed that she had forge George’s will, though she denied all other wrongdoing. Nevertheless the examining Judge deemed the evidence that she had committed four murders so strong that he ordered her arrest.

[“Accused Of Four Murders; Berlin Nurse Said to Have Disposed of Two Husbands.” New York Times (N.Y.), Mar. 25, 1924, sports section, p. 23]



For links to other cases of woman who murdered 2 or more husbands (or paramours), see Black Widow Serial Killers.


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