Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Danielle Elina Pynnonen & The S.C.U.M. Conference (Perth, Australia)

EXCERPT: Between September 23-25th, 2011, two members of the Radfem Hub and Radfem Forum, Danielle Elina Pynnonen (Allecto) and her partner, Big Brother UK 5 contestant Kat “Kitten Pinder (Amazon Mancrusher) organized and hosted a three day feminist conference in Perth Australia that they called the ‘SCUM Conference’. They billed it as:

“THRILL SEEKING FEMALES UNITE! Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore, this THREE DAY RADICAL FEMINIST CONFERENCE is for civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females who want to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex. Workshops, guest presenters and social activities, plus a space to celebrate and re-member the life and work of Valerie Solanas and other radical feminists.”

As you’ve seen in previous articles, the people that frequent the Radfem Hub and forum have often contemplated and discussed gendercide (mass murder), sexual mutilation, advocating the targeted abortion of male fetuses and infanticide – murdering newborn males.

* * *

For reference, Danielle Elina Pynnonen is the child-care worker who labeled a 9 year old boy in her care as “Mr. Rape Threat,” and discussed the open desire to harm him and other male children in her care.

Quoting her comments on the rad-fem-hub site:

“I honestly have been reassessing the fact that I am giving care to these little future rapists, and what that says about me and my separatism. I know it is kinda going against my principles to support and care for these little f****rs.”

[John the Other, “Feminists: demented, stunned or cultists: Why Do MRAs Keep Attacking Feminism?” A Voice for Men, Jan. 2, 2012]

For more cases of misandric fixation see: What Is Misandric Fixation? 

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