Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Martha Annette Outerbridge, Bermuda Axe Murderess, Left 119 Wounds - 1934

FULL TEXT:  Hamilton, Bermuda, June 26 – Martha Annette Outerbridge, negress, was hanged Monday in Bermuda for the murder of her lover, Herbert Leslie Lambert. She was the first woman executed on this island in more than two centuries.

She had killed her lover in April, chopping him to death with an ax. Doctors counted more than 119 wounds on his body. She was the first woman to be hanged since 1713. It has been the first time in 21 years since an execution of any kind was carried out here.

[“Axe Murderess Was Hanged,” syndicated (UP), The Evening Tribune (Marysville, Oh.), Jun. 26, 1934, p. 1]

Note: The Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica) reported 119 wounds, while the Marysville Ohio source reported “116” wounds. The Jamaican paper’s count has been used here, replacing the original “116.” [“Woman Sentenced To Hang In Bermuda,” The Daily Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica), Jun. 9, 1934, p. 8]


For more Violence by Women cases involving axes and hatchets, see: Give ‘Em the Axe


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