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Gender Cleansing in 1940

FULL TEXT (Article 1 of 2): Wilkes-Barre, Pa.— A two-year-old boy died in a hospital early today from the effects of a pint of caustic laundering solution [bleach] which his mother is charged with forcing down his throat so he wouldn’t "grow up and attack girls.”

Mrs. Mary Orban, 34, whom District Attorney Leon Schwartz described as “sort of a hex doctor,” was jailed on an attempted murder charge; several hours before the child’s death, Schwartz said she would be examined by a sanity commission.

At; a brief hearing the woman, mother of three other children – all girls – testified she called her son to the basement of their Newport township home yesterday and forced him to swallow, the fluid because “he wouldn’t be any good anyway when he grew up.”

“I killed four other people with my charm,” she added, “but that was nine years ago. I just wished them dead. I don’t do that any more.”

The “charm,” she explained, was a black bead tied in a handkerchief, over which she mumbled strange “gypsy” words.

Mrs. Orban told Schwartz and Judge John J. Aponick that she regarded male children as “no good” because they impose on girls when they grow up.

[“Vents Wrath On Males On 2-Year-Old - Mother Forces Boy To Shallow Caustic Potion Which Kills,” syndicated (AP), The Hutchinson News (Ka.), Mar. 27, 1940, p. 1]


FULL TEXT (Article 2 of 2): Wilkes-Barre, Pa., March 29. – Mrs. Mary Orban, 34, purported “hex doctor” who killed her two-year-old son with a dose of ammonia because she thought he “wouldn’t be any good when he grew up,” was committed today to the Retreat mental hospital.

A prison lunacy commission composed of Drs. George Baskett and Stanley Freman reported to the court yesterday that the woman was “hopelessly unbalanced” and likely could not be cured. Neighbors testified that they had seen strange actions by the woman.

Judge John Aponiek pronounced her insane and ordered her committed to the hospital.

The district attorney’s office announced that a formal murder charge would be preferred and an indictment obtained at the next grand jury session as a legal formality.

[“Woman Is Sent To Mental Hospital,” The Daily News (Huntington, Pa.), Mar. 29, 1940, p. 1]


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The 2011 disclosure by men’s rights activists of misandric writings on Pamela O’Shaughnessy’s progressive website RedFemHub included a post by Australian child care provider whose cultural Marxism causes her to view the little boys she is paid to look after as dangerous beings, using such terms as “Mr. Rape Threat” to describe the children who belong to the hated sex. A child of the preferred sex is – in the mind of this utopian cultural Marxist –  to be conceived of as “Ms. Harassment Victim.”

See: Robert O’Hara, “Radfem Hub: the underbelly of a hate movement,” A Voice for Men, Dec. 16, 2011



For more cases of misandric fixation see: What Is Misandric Fixation?


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