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“Male Exploitation Is No Longer the Art It Used To Be” - 1928

Book Review: The most accomplished gold-diggers, husband poisoners and vampires of 1928 don’t know the ABC’s of male exploitation and could increase their efficiency 100 percent by the study of ancient history.

This conclusion is upheld by Frederick Arnold Kummer in “Ladies in Hades,” just published which points out by example how many sirens of the ancient world could make 1928 adventuresses look like rank amateurs.

“Male exploitation is no longer the art it used to be,” mourns Mr. Kummer. “The rise of women’s rights seems to have ruined its finesse. [Blogger’s note: We can forgive Mr. Kummer’s naïveté, in that he could not have foreseen the rise of cultural Marxism in 1928.] Take this business of gold-digging for example. Twentieth century vampires could profit from the methods of famous sirens of history.”

“The Queen of Sheba, for example, took the initiative in gift-giving,” Mr. Kummer points out in “Ladies in Hades.” “She starts all her affairs by presenting the gentleman in question with small gifts, her records show. This invariably won confidence

“When we got to Solomon’s palace, I showed him my presents,” remarks the Queen of Sheeba in “Ladies in Hades.” “I figured that no gentleman, not even a Jerusalem gentleman, would accept presents from a lady without giving her at least twice as much in return. This is the advantage of being the one to start these gift games.”

When it comes to bored wives who wish to get rid of their husbands and undesirable relatives, Lucrezia Borgia had it all over Ruth Snyder, Kummer declares. According to “Ladies in Hades” the simple mushroom was one of Lucrezia’s favorite weapons. Her records tell how she asked the doomed gentleman to select the mushrooms that looked good to him. Then she threw those away and served the rest.

“The greatest publicity stunt of all time was Salome’s dance,” declares Mr. Kummer. “The affair was put on over two thousand years ago and people are talking about it still. Theatrical press agents should go into the detail of the affair.”

Mr. Kummer completed “Ladies in Hades” following his recent severe illness which put his obituary in the papers. He is the only member of the American Society of Engineers who is also a writer. He has written many successful plays, novels and scenarios and contributes to current magazines.

[“Modern Gold-Diggers And Vamps Should Study Early Methods Of Male Exploitation, Author Avers,” The Mansfield News (Oh.), May 13, 1928, p. 17]

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