Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A 19th Century Millionairess and Her "Gender Studies"

~ Man Hater’s Library. ~

FULL TEXT: Misandry occasionally has its uses. A Russian lady, Mme. Kaissavow, who died ten years ago in St. Petersburg, would not allow any book written by a man to enter her house. She was, however, a voracious reader and wealthy enough to satisfy her cravings in this direction. On her death her library was found to contain nearly 18,000 volumes — all written by women. This was said at the time to be the most extensive collection of this kind ever formed.

[“Man Hater's Library.” The Oelwein Daily Register (Io.), May 8, 1912, p. 3]


For more cases of misandric fixation see: What Is Misandric Fixation?


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